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Reply to "Black Folks: It is Time to Lay Down the Mantle"

No, but we fight social injustice that affects us 1st and foremost.

Blacks for blacks first.

Now to address both of your post. I am not arguing against mutually aligning with other groups or even whites when there is a clear benefit to us. But we have a habit of wasting resources and energy on issues that benefit other groups and only minorly benefit us if at all.

For example, when was the last time you have seen a strong hispanic support for any issue that was specifically related to blacks? The issue in Cincinatti a while back, where were the hispanic activist etc. rallying to support a 'black thing'.

Many of our leaders have taking up the anti-homosexual thang. When have you ever seen a collecting group of gays step out on behalf of blacks when it is a 'black thang'.

The fact is in this nation it is a rarity when other groups or ethnicities actively support black causes, but we step out often on theirs.

Some social justice issue do not effective us as a group, and those we should not be involved in.

Pragmatically speaking, every time we use intelletual, economic and emotional capital on issues that don't benefit us, we maintain our status quo condition or cause it to decline. When we use that capital on issues that only minorly effect us, when we could use them on issues that advance us, we stagnate our growth.

So no, I am not saying don't mutually align ourself with groups or on issues that mutually benefit us. That simply is strategically using others to advance your own agenda (like folks do to us all the time) and it serves the higher principle of black elevation. But it must be mutually beneficial to us, and it must be beneficial in a greater capacity than the use of those forms of capital would be in other areas of black elevation.

We have no moral obligation to help any other race until after we have first helped our own.