Reply to "Black female professor reprimanded for pointing out existence of structural racism to white male students"

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". . . an anti-discrimination lawsuit she and six other professors are filling against MCTC . . ."



I glad that she and other teachers are challenging this school's ignorant, and evidently biased, conclusion.  


If people are going to teach history [or Social Studies Courses], they need to teach the TRUTH, not fictitious or redacted versions of history.  If these students are "offended" by 'structural racism' being discussed, then maybe they should drop the class and take something else instead.  


It is actually 'structural racism' that they could even file a "discrimination" lawsuit based on what they personally prefer not be discussed in the class anyway. Unless there is something I am missing, there is nothing this teacher has said or did or taught that even falls under the grounds for any claim of discrimination in the first place. With that said, if they actually win ANYTHING resembling a discrimination lawsuit, it will set the precedence for Black people win the countless lawsuits they could file based on how they feel about how Black people are and have been portrayed in history/social studies, etc., classes, all over this country, for decades [centuries/forever].  

It goes without saying you don't see any basis because there isn't anything there to see.


That said, it should not be lost that all of this comes on the fear that is usually associated with the discussion of history on our part. What people in this country are starting to come face to face with the fact that there is no way around the ugly history or the thinking that fuels it. 


This was addressed in the video I posted about PTSS..


White males feel targeted and "oppressed" when their discomfort isn't a concern over the discussion of what is historically and uncontested truth.  This is even subdivided under the language of "anti american-ism".


And of course there's the issue of academic freedom.  Smaller institutions have less to fight back with.....