Reply to "Black female professor reprimanded for pointing out existence of structural racism to white male students"

She doesn't have a problem with white males except when they insist on (angrily) disrupting her lecture. The white males have a problem with her discussing a system that works to their great benefit. 


Could this situation have been handled better? Yes. The college should have known that the topic would be too sensitive for the 'delicate' ears of some. It should have anticipated the reaction from some students and had a plan to address it when it arose. The college allows her to teach that particular topic but fails to show her any support when students complain about the content? The college failed Professor Gibney. Yes, Professor Gibney could have handled the situation better but so could have the college. The disruptive students ended up being rewarded for their poor behavior. SMH


I saw this comment posted below the video, which further proves structural racism does exist. Their entire perception of actual history is completely warped. 

Tom Johnson:
It's time for white people around the world to stand up for themselves. Our nations are being flooded with non white parasites that rob, rape, and murder our people while we get to pay for it! Our birthrates are well below replacement level and the jewish infiltrators of our governments and media revel in our ethnic cleansing. It is either stand up for our children's future or be too afraid to be called "racist", a word that can mean anything and nothing. What will it be white people??


Factual History: European 'parasites' flooded non-Caucasian nations around the world and raped, robbed, murdered, enslaved, and bombed. They abducted African people and brought them to their 'nations' to be their slaves. Whose fault is that? If they don't like it then they can send each of us back to Africa (comfortably!) with one hundred million dollars (tax free). For many years, our ancestors begged to go home. Here's their chance to make things right. But they aren't going to do that. They are an extremely insecure people. Their only method of succeeding is at our expense. They are incapable of feeling good about themselves unless they are looking down on someone else. 


Their home is Europe, not the Americas, not Asia, not the islands of the Pacific (including Australia) or any of the oceans, not Greenland, not Antarctica, and certainly not Africa. If they want us to leave Europe then fine.We will leave after they have vacated our lands. Vacated as in they can't take anything belonging to our lands with them when they leave. We will see how prosperous Europe will be when it no longer has the precious minerals, metals, and oil it covets and robs from other nations. Europe would be a third world nation in a short time. And there would still be crime (robbery, rape, and murder) in Europe like there has always been (long before any nonwhites made an appearance).


It's not our fault their birthrate is declining. It's their own fault. The underlying issue is that they have always hated the fact that they have always been a minority on this planet and always will. Their declining numbers also mean that, soon, they will no longer have power and influence over the rest of the world (nonwhite). As a people, they are doomed. They see the writing on the wall and it scares the living daylights out of them. 


We should stop being afraid of them. Wake up and rise up!