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Reply to "Black Churches Are Burning in St. Louis: Are Domestic Terrorists Attempting to Strike at the Heart of the Black Community?"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

"We" who?  Just because you see 1 or 2 or 10 or 100 Black people on tv claiming to "forgive" a racist murderer, that does not mean that ALL damn near 50 million Black people in America are feeling the same way.

That's not the point.


The point is no other race of people will broadcast this forgiveness narrative. Black people have a forgiveness narrative that is in our collective consciousness throughout Civil Rights Era and Apartheid that our poltical representatives embrace.


You don't need all.


We didn't have a trial in South Africa, we had a truth and reconciliation fucking meeting. The biggest war criminal, Prime Evil, is free right now in South Africa. In a sea full of Black people. Show me the Nazi that is running around free. 


We let motherfuckers that slaughtered thousands of Africans live.


The SC victims families and survivors forgave the damn shooter the next fucking day. 



Jews hunted every single Nazi down. Nazis are still being put in prison and they are 80 and 90s years old. Jews don't give a fuck. 


White people will ruin your life over a dog. They will send you death threats over a dog. 


White Americans saw 9/11 happened and they went all over the world killing Arabs with drones and shit.  They started putting Arabs in concentration camps. And they don't care. You bombed our buildings, this is what you get. 


A cultural narrative doesn't need to be cosigned by every single Black person, there is no such thing as unified opinion or whatever. But forgiveness, nonviolence and humbleness is part of the Black political consciousness and it has been for a long time and that's why Black people respond to existential threats or violated norms by outsiders with forgiveness and nonviolence.


While Europeans, Arabs, Asians and Jews respond with hostility and aggressiveness and on occasion violence. Talk bad about Jews, the ACLU will be on your ass and threatening your livelihood. 


When other races are under attacked, they don't send their preachers and professors, they gather their media, military and business owners and they prepare for battle their enemy. 


The media, guns and money, that's what other people fight with. We bring Jesus, Allah, Twitter fingers and signs.