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Reply to "Black Churches Are Burning in St. Louis: Are Domestic Terrorists Attempting to Strike at the Heart of the Black Community?"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:
Originally Posted by RadioRaheem:

since they do not view Blacks as either America or humans, these acts will go unpunished.  I saw one news segment in which one of the churches had a hand written poster declaring that 'Whoever did this...we forgive you!'



strangely, whites never forgave OJ or Mike Vick.....  Jews never forgave Hitler or the Nazi...  only American Blacks are TOLD to forgive those that harm us.  



Question: with all this forgiving, what has really changed since the Civil Rights movement?  


I think there is something fundamentally flawed with the African race because nobody else behave like this...


You kill a dog and White people will haunt you until your dying breathe.


White people kill us and we forgive them and pray for them the next day. It's disturbing behavior. 


"We" who?  Just because you see 1 or 2 or 10 or 100 Black people on tv claiming to "forgive" a racist murderer, that does not mean that ALL damn near 50 million Black people in America are feeling the same way.

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