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Reply to "Black America Has No Leader. Not Even Obama"

Originally Posted by DennisKalita:
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Originally Posted by DennisKalita:
Originally Posted by Momentum:

"The consequence is that Obama may well keep on sucking the oxygen out of the system of Black leadership for years to come — not by design, but by circumstanceBoth Black and white America will look to him for leadership on race before they look to anyone elseWhich means anyone else will be a distant second-best."


I don't agree with that, BLM is proving there is a lot pent up energy and anger in the black community and there is a lot of unrest and disenchantment with young blacks who do not have the same affection for Obama than the older black generations have for him who lived the history to contrast the chances of a black man being elected as President of the United States.


Young blacks will continue to assert themselves and become more radical if they sense they are being ignored and demand respect from mainstream media and will have more respect and exposure in the social media world where most young people get their information and inspirations. The old guard have already proven to be unable and unwilling to make a difference in the well being of the black community for us to be in the state we are in today. The sad part blacks have lost ground with a black president for eight years. 


Obama do not have a good track record and spoken very quietly regarding important black issues. I doubt he would do anything to disappoint the white establishment that is due to pay him post presidency 10's maybe a couple 100 million, they could break their contract with him for services already rendered to them, he will do nothing to jeopardize his huge payday. 


He will maintain No Drama Obama persona regarding black issues, hand shake deals he made with Wall Street are not binding.    

Dude, no one knows it all. Be careful about absolutely projecting what proven master-tactician Obama will do when he leaves office.  He and Michelle have stated that their post-WH lives will be about helping AAs get justice. Despite what FOX News and scoffers like you say, they may be serious about what they say. Why imply that they're liars?

LOL, he is the gaddam president now he have the power to do something NOW.

I will absolutely say what he is going to do, he aint going to do shit but line his pockets with that white establishment MONEY, 29 trillion to Wall Street, black folks ZIP! He'll have a few condescending words for black folks that we need to be better fathers, words to a graduating class of Morehouse young black men.


According to how we judge other ESTABLISHMENT presidents he was AWESOME!


I will never be a idol worshiper!

I get the anger and why you want to say he and Michelle are liars. This has got nothing to do with idol worship.  Agreed, for ex., POTUS could do much more with executive actions. It is also about understanding power tactics - unless you think a black man should not be POTUS because it involves playing the big power game?   Being POTUS is about power. To get this office, requires playing inside the power game structure where money is always part of the power move.  That is how it works. Obama is not a “token” as someone else here posted. Nobody was looking for a token. That is absurd.  The problem is that some black folks can’t grasp that unimaginable Obama got the job twice because he is a genius in this area. He did it!  He was not passively backed by rich folks. I think you posted that one time. No, he had the active vision. That is not how he became POTUS! He positioned himself! The point is there’s something yet to learn about how this black man independently managed to become POTUS! IMHO, of course! 

Its not about UNDERSTANDING POWER TACTICS its realizing an establishment president will never benefit black people. And there is no such thing as a BENEVOLENT establishment president.


I totally agree with you, President Obama certainly did very well for HIMSELF. Great presidents are populace presidents, biased against the establishment, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, LBJ. 


This is why presidential candidates, particularly Democrats, faint to be populace to fool voters looking to vote their best interests but once in office are servants of the establishment. 


Now the populace have caught on, listening and checking for authenticity. This is why Bernie Sanders is doing better than Hillary, she have earned her establishment credentials and its hurting her in the polls. 


This is why Biden is begging Elizabeth Warren to endorse him and be his VP. 


The tactic of sounding populace is not enough, that was used up by President Obama. 



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