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Reply to "Black America Has No Leader. Not Even Obama"

I really do not want a Black Leader...


All a Black leader is some charismatic figure that black folks are gonna follow...until he or she die and then go back to doing whatever the fuck black folks were doing before they came.


The USA did not end with George Washington or Thomas Jefferson or Ben Franklin.


Black folks gonna have to learn the art and science of institutionalization and codification. You make an institution, you make the codes to live by and you live by them. 


Black Panther Party was close. Malcolm X was too busy teaching and learning and by the time he figured out what he wanted to do, he got popped. Martin Luther King Jr was too busy protesting and lobbying...


Black folks got a long history of charismatic leaders that just said a bunch of shit and then died and they left nothing behind besides an ideology. 


Black people do not have a national project or a tangible,material goal. There's no idea of empire or conquest or development - so of course no leaders will emerge. By all means, most Black people think the Civil Rights Movement succeeded.


Point is, leadership rises to the occassion. If Black people want charismatic leaders to rally around, then Black folk need to offer them something - besides racial affiliation. You want Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and etc then what you have to offer?


George Washington, Julius Caesar, Ghengis Khan, Mao, Castro, was offered land by their people. When somebody runs for office they get a cache of benefits.When a company appoints a CEO, the CEO gets stock options. 


What is the benefit of being a Black leader? There really ain't none.


So until there are some benefits for sticking up for Black folks and etc...nobody is going to put themselves out there like that. Leadership isn't free. Especially Charismatic Leadership. 


The 60s won't repeat itself because the 60s brought the idea of revolution and total social change. Now it's 2015 going on 2016...and that shit hasn't happen and the USA is wayyyy more stable than it was in the 60s. Nobody picked up the mantle of Kwame Toure, Malcolm X or Huey P. Newton/Bobby Seale - because there is nothing in it.


To be honest, Black males don't give a fuck what happens. Black males are not interested in conquering and taking over shit. Black males just wanna stop being fucked with at this point. That's why we got homosexuals as our leadership base now. They are saying "This is our time to shine."


And Black people are like, "Sure go ahead, we'll be here to retweet whatever you want us to retweet."

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