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Reply to "Black America Has No Leader. Not Even Obama"

Originally Posted by DennisKalita:


EVERY WORD we say is invested with meaning. We may not even realize, for example, the extent of our unconsciousness.  We can only speak our whole mind - conscious and unconscious - every time we speak. We always telegraph everything about ourselves. Some may notice. I sometimes see it in others. I am certain that some people see me as unconscious. That's common enough. We all are.  You alone know about that special awareness that you seem to have and in which you warily believe. No one really gets anybody, right?  But do you get… you? (It’s a journey!)


You say you like the role of being bad.  Cool enough. Another level. A human one.


You wrote:


"So what makes you think or any Black person, even a male that looks at the situation objectively to not hurt his ego - really think Black males are really desirous to be at the top of the pyramid of American society or even Black society...when it's lead by women and now LGBT people. 


I want to to humbly say one thing: Let your voice move from wise-ass passive into a full and active voice. Think about it, man, dare it.  You’re the quarterback, you’re the man.


It's not that...


It's just you see other young brothers out here, they ain't doing nothing. 


Black women doing shit...Black gays doing shit...


You don't see Black men in groups doing something. 


Shit is desperate for Black males and I don't think Black males have the resolve anymore. A lot of them angry and know they are being pushed out on to the margins. There's no coming back from being on the outside.


My life is perfectly fine, I can continue do what I am doing, get nice a job - making a decent amount of money, have a wife and kid and die at 77.


My concern is with the bottom 50 percent of Black males that don't have a nice packaged life outcome. The ones that stand on the corner all day. Or in prison. Or put in special ed. Or homeless. 


When you are Black male, soon as your born, you get stripped of any kind of ambition because the world is against you and you are in competition with your brothers for a little tiny bit of the pie. 


Nobody cares about you because you are the boogeyman of society that is responsible for misogyny to street crime to fatherless children to homophobia or whatever bad is going on in the USA. Only time people care is when we are getting shot down by police...then they care...but they only care about that. They don't care about the other 25 or 30 years of your life, when you were struggling. 


Well now they care the about the fact that we get locked up at the age of 17  for 25 years for a dime bag of crack. 

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