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Reply to "Black America Has No Leader. Not Even Obama"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:
Originally Posted by Fabulous:
Originally Posted by GoodMan:

 To be honest, Black males don't give a fuck what happens. Black males are not interested in conquering and taking over shit. Black males just wanna stop being fucked with at this point. 


When did you become the spokesperson for black males?  What makes you think you can speak for them?


And Black people are like, "Sure go ahead, we'll be here to retweet whatever you want us to retweet."


 And what makes you think you can speak for "black people"?

This is typical white man 'language' [always thinking they're in a position to speak for everybody ]


Who made you the spokesperson for White males, how do you know what White male language is...


Unlike you (as you often write in negative generalizations in connection to black men & black people), I'm not claiming to speak for white males, I'm claiming to have observed the language of racist white men who typically use the same hate-filled verbiage, and this typical racist white man 'speak' can be found all over message boards and blogs.  


It never fails, white people are quick to get offended by racial observations  that's a pretty common opinion based on engaging in conversations with, well, white people (on the regular). 


And it's true...




You should run for president or something because you seem to have all the answers for everybody.


Not to mention your tendency to speak for groups of people (negatively) that you may or may not know. 



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