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Reply to "Black America Has No Leader. Not Even Obama"

Originally Posted by GoodMan:
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Originally Posted by GoodMan:

 To be honest, Black males don't give a fuck what happens. Black males are not interested in conquering and taking over shit. Black males just wanna stop being fucked with at this point. 


When did you become the spokesperson for black males?  What makes you think you can speak for them?


And Black people are like, "Sure go ahead, we'll be here to retweet whatever you want us to retweet."


 And what makes you think you can speak for "black people"?

This is typical white man 'language' [always thinking they're in a position to speak for everybody ]


Who made you the spokesperson for White males, how do you know what White male language is...


And it's true...


The BLM's movement is a movement created by Black LGBT persons. The two Black women that started it are gay. The spokesperson for BLM is gay. The ideology specifically  Black LGBT and Black female population. t even addresses that for the most part, Black leadership has been laid by men. 


Where are the straight Black men at in BLM? Shaun King?


BLM plans to get rid of the image of the Black man as Black Power leader and make it for everybody - which I don't have a problem with. 



Theses are facts.


When the last time gay Black people been the center of anything? - Besides the Harlem Renaissance.


Black leadership used to be mostly male and straight. Now it's female and gay. Most of the societal leaders in our society is female. Most of us are raised by females. Black females are doing way better than Black males.


Black society is very effeminate. It's not masculine. Most of our masculinity comes from rappers and athletes...people raised by women.


So what makes you think or any Black person, even a male that looks at the situation objectively to not hurt his ego - really think Black males are really desirous to be at the top of the pyramid of American society or even Black society...when it's lead by women and now LGBT people. 


Obama and rappers and athletes?


BLM is not centrally controlled just because a few women started it does not mean they solely control it, BLM is decentralized and it makes no difference what these women sexual preference are, the fact is they are focused on the excessive policing of blacks and police violence against blacks. LGBT issues are not the center of their concerns. 


And btw there are men behind the scenes of BLM, women are out front because it bad optics for police to beat down women, its a smart tactical move.


Men around the world are having to shed more macho attitudes as women insist on equality and as people become more secular and agnostic, religion has a lot to do with paternal attitudes in men.

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