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Reply to "Bill Cosby: "Your Dirty Laundry Gets Out Of School At 2:30 Every Day"







The person who is now referred to as "Dr."

is quite simply The World's Biggest Hypocrite …

and this is being stated .... Due To the FACT that:


(In addition to (1) his well-known, and unrepentant,

Adultery and Womanizing; (2) the Sexual-Assaults

of which he has been repeatedly-accused (and

paid "hush money" to keep this out of the press);

(3) his Double-Standard regarding the subject of

interracial-romance; (4) his abandoning, as well

as (5) his vile mental and cruel emotional abuse,

of his (known) Out-Of-wedlock-Offspring; etc. --

(5) even the way that he "obtained" (i.e. Purchased)

his so-called "doctorate" degree is just yet another

example of how ... the "super-rich" can quite easily

buy their way out of or into nearly any and everything.


Cosby is 100% BOTH a Fraud AND a Hypocrite --

AND he is the last person on the planet who we,

as the decent and moral members of our society,

should 'hail' as being the one who we deem as

"worthy" of being selected as THE MESSENGER

of bringing THE MESSAGE (which, anyone with

a brain stem can see is a GREAT MESSAGE)

to his own people -- (particularly seeing that

he secretly-lives in the very EXACT SAME

lifestyle as do those in his group that he

both hypocritically and publicly-condemns)







Now --- before anyone MISUNDERSTANDS

the POINT that I am making here … perhaps

you may be interested in noting the FACT that

---- it is "THE MESSENGER" (who is nothing

more than MERELY …. (1) an Un-repentant and

Adulterous-Cheater and Notorious-Womanizer;

(2) a Stereotypical-Breeder of at least one KNOWN

Out-of-Wedlock Child… that he then left up to the

government (via the very hard-working American

taxpayers) to have to support; (3) someone who has

been accused of RAPING multiple women (whom he

later ‘paid off’ or ‘threatened’ in order to keep silent);

AND (4) someone who (although he brags about his

degrees ad-nauseum) did NOT actually 'earn' even a

SINGLE ONE of his purchased educational-degrees)

--- and that IT IS *NOT* "THE MESSAGE" that I'm

CONDEMNING and / or criticizing in my comments.


The "Great and Powerful Cos" is both just a total
hypocrite (as, he does the very same things that
he condemns his own people for when they do it)
and is also a 100% Fraud; he is the last person on
the planet who should have made any statement in
regard to the bad-behaviors of his people (seeing
how he is truly "no different than they … only richer");
and it's high time that someone both noticed and
exposed 'The Man Behind The Curtain” and
used a "worthy" person found within his group
in order to try to get his people into the shape
that their earlier leaders once sought for them.


Cosby is a disgrace to every actual DECENT (and

non-hypocritical) American who (unlike him and

those of his ilk) actually are living lives of VERY

hard work and moral behavior -- and (unlike this

Cosby-fraud) are not rich hypocrites and frauds who

are no different than the people that we scold ... but

we (those of us Americans who ACTUALLY are the

hard-working tax-payers) do NOT have the millions

of dollars (that Cosby-the Fraud) had with which to

buy ourselves out of or into any situation .. and then

pretend to be different from those that we criticize.


Maybe if all of those Black people of America had

heard from someone within their group who was not

some WELL-KNOWN and TOTAL 100% FRAUD --

those people would have taken the advice that was

handed to them (unfortunately by Cosby-the-Fraud

--who, again, behaves in the EXACT SAME manner

which he condemns when it is done by other people).


There are plenty of actual moral and hard-working

people found among his grouping (some of whom

are even as well off as is 'The Great and Powerful

Wizard of Cos') and those are the people to whom

the rest of us should tell them to listen in order to get

their lives and communities improved and in shape.


Also, in regards to the matter of the “The Great and

Powerful ‘Wizard’ of Cos … Crowned-Prince of the

Hollywood-Celebrity Myth-Making-Machine’ ,,, what

is even more appallingly-sad is that … his vile and

odd behaviors seemed to have actually become

worse … as he advanced in both age and status.


For example ...


(1) even more women (none of whom have

anything to gain) have come forward about

'recent-attacks' that he has made -- and this

is even 'after' he 'paid off or threatened' the

initial group of women (and who knows how

many victims that one would find if one went

back to the 'swinging sixties and seventies)';


(2) many of his 'surviving children' -- such

as his (in-wedlock) daughter 'Erinn' AND

his (out-of-wedlock) daughter ' Autumn'

-- have openly kept a 'distance' from

this individual in their adult-lives.


Their distancing of themselves from him could
be related to (1) just how horrifically he treated
(his in-wedlock daughter) 'Erinn' -- both after
she was physically-assaulted in an attempted
RAPE by an infamous and notorious celebrity
(as, he merely met with the admitted-assaulter
and then simply had the person 'promise to get
mental-therapy’ rather than work to have him
serve any jail time') and (2) how badly he also
treated her before, during and even after she’d
become addicted to drugs (which she then also
managed to beat – all without any help from
good ole' Bill "America's Dad" Cosby) -- AND --
related to (3) just how horrifically he treated
(his out-of-wedlock daughter) 'Autumn' --
wherein (after he left her to have to grow up
living off of the government-welfare money
throughout her entire life) he then later also
had her 'arrested and imprisoned' (while she
was pregnant with twins and even after a
U.S. Appeals-Court overturned her original
-- and Cosby-arranged -- conviction) for
daring to even consider an offer given to
her by a tabloid to interview her about her
relationship with Cosby (and all as he made
sure that Autumn's husband did not spend
even one day serving a minute of jail time).


It is unknown why 'The Great Cos' is so awful

to the women (including his own daughters)

who have had 'the misfortune of being a part

of his life' -- or -- why he would have been so

'lenient' on the man who 'admittedly' tried to

RAPE his own daughter -- all while going

out of his way to have another daughter

IMPRISONED (while pregnant with

twins) but protected her husband.


Perhaps -- being an accused-RAPIST himself

-- he related to and empathized more with his

daughter's attempted-RAPIST than he did

with his own daughter and / or -- being a

perceptively-MISOGYNIST -- he felt an

odd desire to cruelly IMPRISON his own

(pregnant-with-twins, at the time) daughter

while also keeping her husband totally safe.


The man strikes one as being BIZARRE,

a complete and TOTAL FRAUD and a

rather DANGEROUS individual ... BUT...

because he shows himself to be so willing

to hypocritically-PARROT the MESSAGE

(that every "race" -- including the 'black'

one -- have been telling his people for

literal-decades) -- and with so very many

(so-called) "conservative" outlets being so

willing to allow it's readers to both innocently

(and erroneously) make the conclusion that

this UTTER-FRAUD is some sort of "a good,

decent family-man and great role-model for

his people" -- he thought he could get away

with his "Made-In-Hollywood" celebrity-charade.


Such an image being portrayed by this

hypocritical-parrot who attempts to ape

(always in "word" -- but never in "deed")

the behavior of the people who actually are

the truly-decent, hard-working Americans

-- is really just a complete insult -- as is the

'protection' that conservative-outlets are

naively offering to this beastly-behaving,

complete fraud (who secretly lives a life

that is much more similar to that of the

average "rapper" -- that he is more than

willing to 'publicly'-condemn, all while

also 'privately'-emulating -- than it is to

that of this fraudulent media-created

image of him as being "America's Dad").


Thank God – that truly decent-people are 'willing

 to listen' when someone dares to 'break out of the

ranks' and publicly-present the truth on just how

inappropriate THE MESSENGER (known as Bill

Cosby) is to have been the (self-appointed and

media-protected) one to bring THE MESSAGE

(which is actually a very good one that has also

been presented to his people for literal-decades)

to those people found within his own "racial"

and ethic grouping that would need to hear it.


Thanks to all who are willing to view ‘The True

Facts … on THE FRAUD known as … The-Cos’

and I also hope that you will have a very nice day.




-- AP Gifts


allpeoplegifts AT gmail DOT com

























"Bill Cosby's "doctoral thesis" was titled


"An Integration of the Visual Media

via Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids ...."


It's 142 pages long, with another 100

pages of bibliography and appendices.


Many sources (including the usually reliable

Museum of Broadcast Communications)

claim that Cosby "earned" his "doctorate" ...


However ...It doesn't sound like

Cosby went to school full-time

(or even part-time) to get his degrees.


His bachelor's from Temple came
in 1971, years after he left school.

Temple "awarded" him the degree

"on the basis of life-experience" ...


His grad degrees were also "legitimately given",

...but the details of how and when exactly

he squeezed in classes are a bit elusive...


[Cosby] dropped out of high school after

he flunked the tenth grade three times.


He enlisted in the navy, where he got his GED,

and then enrolled at TempleUniversity, where

he dropped out to pursue a show business career.


His unfinished bachelor's degree from

Temple was eventually bestowed

on him because of "life experience."


Cosby enrolled as a part-time doctoral student

at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst,

which awarded him the Ed.D. degree in 1977 for

a "dissertation" on 'Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids'.


But not even that degree was unsullied by controversy:


A professor who served on Cosby's

“dissertation committee”, Reginald

Damerell, said that Cosby hardly

took a class -- and that he got

"course credit" for "appearing on"

Sesame Street and The Electric

Company, "and wrote a "dissertation"

 that analyzed the 'impact' of his show."


Damerell concluded that
degrees like Cosby's

"do not attest to genuine
academic achievement.

They are empty credentials."


Dyson's book [addresses Cosby's] blaming

black parents and kids for their failures --

"It's a good thing Cosby didn't have

Bill Cosby around to discourage

him from achieving his goals," ...


As a final side note, Cosby's wife
Camille "earned"her own "doctorate"
 in 'Education' from the University
 of Massachusetts in 1992.


So there are two Doctor
Cosbys in the house.
















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