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Reply to "Bill Cosby: "Your Dirty Laundry Gets Out Of School At 2:30 Every Day"

Cosby and education:


" "...By his own admission, was a bad student, and "compiled a lackluster academic record from the moment he set foot in school" His sixth-grade eacher noted on his report card that, "William would rather clown than study." He dropped out of high school after he flunked the tenth grade three times.  He enlisted in the navy, where he got his GED, and then enrolled at Temple University, where he dropped out to pursue a show business career. His unifinshed bachelor's degree from Temple was eventually bestowed on him because of 'life experience.""


 Life experience? Really?  Hell, everyone who is a member of should receive a degree for 'life experience'. Let me move on:


""Cosby enrolled as a partime doctoral sutdent at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, which awared him the Ed.D degree in 1977 for a dissertation on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. But not even that degree was unsullied by controversy: A professor who served on Cosby's dissertation committee, Reginald Damerell, said that Cosby hardly took a class -- and that he got course credit for appearing on Sesame Street and THE ELECTRIC COMPANY, "and wrote a dissertation that analyzed the implact of his show"  Damerell concluded that degrees likde Cosby's, "do not attest to genuine academic achievement. They are empty credentials" "


"Empty credentials".....


Remember what smith barney told us?: "They make money the old fashion way. They earn it"



If the same is true for educational achievements and accolades, then cosby can learn

a great deal from ER's nephew, no?


More on cosby, later.