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Reply to "Biden: Hillary might have been better VP pick"

Originally posted by Romulus Burnett:
Thank you, once again, for proving my point for the 12,345,989th time, IvoryRose, or should I say Ruth the African? Continue feeding that distraction machine with pointless, spiteful, vendictive bullshit--planting seeds of doubt instead of focusing on the real issues.

Thank goodness I'm on permanent ignore. Been on ignore since I joined this site.

LOL ... what's wrong with you, fool?? Confused I'm not the one in doubt ... you need to be talking to Biden .. not me!! Eek

I KNEW he should have picked Hillary!! Big Grin I told you dumb ass that months ago!

What you need to do is stop being so scary and try to have a little faith that your boy can pull a (miracle) rabbit out of his hat after being outplayed for not picking Hillary (or did he outplay himself 19) by the Repubs and their Soccer Mom Barbie choice for VP!!

You need to learn the difference between emotional hysterics (hating Hillary for the sake of hating) and critical thinking (realizing she had the votes he needs right now to counter the sleazy, underhanded Republican Party trick machine that has all those mindless middle-America White folks just salavating at the mouth to further screw this country all to hell!!!

And by the way ... the Drama Queen look does not suit you well at all!! Wink