Reply to "Behind The Coon: Tommy Sotormayor (roasting)"

DennisKalita, I gets nervous in front of crowds.  Would be all shakey and shit.  Folks would be laughing at that before I could even open my mouth.  Plus, I have a PhD. in cussin'.  Don't no one want to hear that; probably no one wants to read it either, but I get away with it here and it's calming and stresses my point. 


There's something wrong in this country.  The old folks died off and left some raging racially insane maniacal mofos in their place. We're always had racism and shit but there's no words for the crap being displayed now.


We might have to go to the World Court and ask for salvation and rescue from these Cave Men.  All 43 million of us on their side and not, might have to run like gazelles out of this mafugga, so we can continue breathing for a few more years or whatever. 


Slaves buried their dead behinds during the Civil War, who's gonna bury us when we're all laying out here dead like polka dots when they really start warring against our asses??  We be in some serious trouble.  Right now it's the Klan Nigratoid Cookin' Cops, sooner or later it could be ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the mafuggas at the same damn time.  We'll be laying all throughout the U.S. like Nigratoid Spaghetti.  


They have weapons that weigh tons and tons, guns we've NEVER seen the likes of before and they love shooting the fuck out of the easier ones to lift, on our asses, with side orders of TEAR GAS for our eyes. You need the fuckin' cow when they get through blinding you, because a little container of milk won't  ease the pain in the eyes that mess causes.  Rollin' by with SNIPERS on top, weapons aimed with PRECISION  to really blast "black" folks to hebben in a nanosecond. Another mention:  Spraying TEAR GAS in folks' eyes. That's some terrorizing shit!!!!!  Eyes probably never are right ever again.


Like the guys that get torn up in wars; wars end, people that caused them go back to their mansions, counting their millions, guys forever torn up til the day they die. No one knows their names, but their families.  Ain't dat some shit??????? I'm sorry, that's called "Patriotism".  Forgot!!


Don't even want to mention our Brother/Son copycats that can't shoot straight on a good day, but do a good job on each other with a couple strays hitting a child or two including moms and pops sometimes, mistakenly, during their self-hating rages.


We ain't got no military, Crips Bloods, Chiraqis, Farrakhan, Nigra here, there, anywhere to handle that SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!  NO WE DO NOT!!!!  I'm not limber enough to bend the fuck over and kiss my ass goodbye.  I got heaps of babies that I'd rather kiss.


Thank you White Man, Alien, Massa, Master, Sir, Kind of Man, Man Kind or whateverthefuck you are!!!!!!!  Bet you're sorry you didn't pick that fuckin' cotton, I know I am.  You wanted "slaves" seems you got more than what you bargained for and we did too without the fuckin' bargaining.


Maybe I should just say Bow Wow!!!!!!! You understand that, don't you? The ASPCA sure enough does, they have songs  and pretty music for you, I mean the dogs. and they ask for donations.  


As your 3/5 of persons, maybe we should ask you for some donations.  A couple billion to trillion will do and we have some wonderful singers. There are some still left that can seranade big time. Then we can leave and you can say Yippie yie yee, Yippie yie yay and we will too, if we can leave in one fuckin' piece. with enough money to by an elevator for our new homes to drive the car to the living room, on our new lands with no fuckin' hatred of any kind!!!!!!


We'll put some signs on our land that say:  No White People Allowed/White People Go the Fuck Home; so that you'll feel comfortable if you should accidentally happen by. When can the "Black" race look forward to the money or the 'cestors 400 year back pay.  Don't you guys leave money to your families?? Our 'cestors MADE YOU RICH, why can't we have some money too???? Give us some back pay money.  We're owed/We're waiting!! Maybe we should name it "500 Year Terrorize the Nigra/Negroes/Darkies/Niggers/Minorities Money!! Never know what the fuck we're called from one second to the next. Sorry 'bout dat!!!!!