Reply to "Behind The Coon: Tommy Sotormayor (roasting)"

Shoot, those dunce caps and white robes went somewhere!!  They went into closets, the fuckers donned suits and they now run the country.  They probably always ran the country, you just couldn't see who was in the clown suits with the dunce caps. Strom Thrumond was one and a few more. Shit, for all we know, every damn white man including dogs might be in the Ku Klux Klan.


The Republicans piss folks off, everyone votes Democratic.  Democrats piss folks off every votes Republican.  Sounds like some kind of deviant sex:  hit and switch, switch and hit, The Hitters and the Switchers. If ya miss one, try the other.


If ya shoot a military dog  and Homie Bow-Wow dies, ya can get life in prison. 
Some kind of "military trained/copperoo trained dog person" or some shit.  The fuckers know how to KEEP SECRETS!!!  The biggest one of all is having us thinking we're "Americans, as they buff up James Madison's SLAVE QUARTERS. If they really wanted us out of here, they could send us that money for all the money they didn't pay the 'cestors and we could take fuckin' flight, never to be seen ever again.


Truth be told, how da hell ya gonna be the name of the country that KIDNAPPED YOUR ANCESTORS FROM AFRICA??? I ask all the time, had it been China or Poland or Greece would we be calling ourselves African Chinese/African Polish/African Greek??  If we did we'd be lookin' like some prime assholes (hint).  (My opinion only to whomever got upset, but it's truth to me).


And they could say "See ya Later Niggers" and we wouldn't get mad, we'd be so damn HAPPY we'd say "Back Atcha" (because a lot of them are!)!!!!!!!!! But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  Can't do that!!!! Got some fake half dead looking, non-fuckin' existing "WHITE SUPREMACY" to flaunt. The ONLY PLACE they're SUPREME is in their POCKETS. Half dead looking rich anus orifices. Yeah, I typed it.


Haven't seen a burnin' cross on TV in awhile.  That could change in any second.


If they jacked up a country negro somewhere down south (or anywhere), and buried him alive, haven't heard about it in the "news". Anything's possible, ya know!!!!   


The Copperoos are shooting up our sons before we can say Jack Sprat, the LAPD's into Burn a Negro Down to the Ground and throw in a house for good measure. The HATRED for us and President Obama's off the chain.  They've been hating our asses since we got off the fuckin' ships, but liked to rape one every now and then (nah, change that to frequently). We might all just really be in the Disunited States of the Ku Klux Klan and dat's da bottom line and da top one too.


The BIG ONE's on us living or trying to fuckin' live on mere pennies in The Greatest Country in the Whole Wide World (if you're transparently white, with straggly hair, thin non-existence lips, and have a couple billion dollars).  They forget to tell us that shit.  HERE WE ALL ARE!!!!  Now for the next 2 years, all we're going to hear is the word IMPEACHMENT.  All I can say to that is FUCK, Here we go again!!!!!!


God, now we gotta look at Turtle McConnell, Ms. Lindsey Graham, Arms too Short To Box with God McCain, Cruz, Priebus,  (or however you spell the head of the RNC's name) Paul; all these Redneck Suckers day, after day, after day, after day, after day, after day!!!!


Makes an elder (this one anyway) say"FUCK a DUCK" EVERY TIME I look at CNN or MSNBC!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go look at TRU TV to see them in all their fuckery. All except Bernice  Enough of this rant; another one will be forthcoming

Keeps me from going out and smackin' some fucker down to the ground. I'm too old to go to the Pokey and hate confinement and taking orders from the Palies.


Gonna go say Good Morning to Crispy, Everbody!!!!!! I learned a couple of new cuss words from him, Everybody.