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Reply to "Barack's Running Mate Choice"

Originally posted by MBM:
Originally posted by EbonyRose:

An Obama / Clinton ticket is the only unbeatable ticket possible.

I don't think its the "only" ticket that can win. I just think its the best one; the one that gives Barack the best chance to win.

Then you still don't get it. Smile

Obama needs enough votes to 1) counter the on-going attack the Republicans are/are going to assault him with from now until November; and 2) overcome the underhanded cheating tactics (the disqualification of Dem voters) the Republicans are going to use on Election Day.

If the election were held today, he'd lose. Though I think the polls are inaccurate, he just doesn't have enough of a margin to win ... nor has he been successful in being able to convince any more people who aren't already in his corner to vote for him. His numbers are flat ... and ... there's not a whole lot else he can do that's going to suddenly catapult him into favor with the amount of voters he needs right now.

His V.P. pick can give him that, though.

Hillary is the only choice that could/would bring him enough votes for a definite win. Any other choice might bring in (a few) additional votes ... but Hillary already has enough of those behind her.

The pundits are saying that Obama needs to pick somebody who has what he doesn't, i.e., foreign policy experience, an economic background, a political vet, etc. But what he needs are votes, or none of what he does or doesn't have behind him will matter one bit. He doesn't need a 'good' choice as much as he needs a 'popular' choice.

Hillary can bring everything the Dems need to win to the platform. And I can't think of any other Democrat in the entire Party for whom the same could be said. Can you?? Confused
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