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Reply to "Bambuco Patiano"

Hi, Norland. My wife is afropatiana. The video above with the calf is just a demonstration of my wife's culture, so I doubt the calf was seriously hurt, although since it was uploaded in 2013, I would imagine that the calf grew up and has been eaten by now.

My wife comes from a long line of cattle rustlers and freedom fighters. Her ancestors were an outlaw society.

The videos in this thread are all from Patía, where she grew up. Patía is a municipality in the Department of Cauca, one of 26 departments (the equivalent of states) in Colombia.

My wife's ancestors ran away and founded a palenque in the Patía valley, called El Palenque del Castigo, Colombia's southernmost palenque, and defended their territory and autonomy for centuries. Eventually, they founded the town of Patía around 1749, I believe.

Bambuco Patiano, country music from Patía, is considered la musica de guerra, the music of war.

The videos have information about afropatiana history, culture, religion, etc.

Unfortunately, no information is available in English.

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