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Reply to "Avatar"

It will be a LONG Time before someone breaks Cameron's record now.

2nd look: 'Avatar'

Going to see the blockbuster again? Watch for these highlights.

Last Updated: 8:26 AM, January 31, 2010

Last week, James Cameron’s “Avatar” became history’s highest grossing film — passing the $1.84 billion in global sales achieved by his earlier blockbuster “Titanic.” Its success is largely due to the amazingly realistic visual effects Cameron and his team labored over, which have inspired repeat customers. When seen in 3-D Pandora is a marvel of texture and color that rewards multiple viewings. Whether it’s your first or fifth trip to this exotic moon, here are some of the film’s most stunning moments. Keep both eyes open and you’ll catch details you haven’t seen before.

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They would have to produce TWO BLOCKBUSTERS IN A ROW.