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We are going to have to continue to disagree on this issue. For one,the movie was an argument against technology and for nature.

Doesn't that imply that the Na'vi would never develop technology?  Why would they develop airplanes if they have flying dragons?  But there is still plenty to develop.  How would their concept of astronomy evolve from the perspective of a moon?

It is social and cultural matters why people make the choices that they do. Human beings are much more complex than any piece of technology. The reason that there was a financial crisis is not because people do not possess accounting skills. It is because of a culture that has been created that is materialistic, that relishes conspicuous consumption, etc. You might say that this is dumb, but it is also very human. Human beings are not logic engines, and any significant social transformation is going to require much more than empirical data.
And who decides what BEING HUMAN IS?

Is it only the DUMB humans that qualify as HUMAN?

Which humans develop the science and technology and which humans decide what to do with it?

With 7,000,000,000 people on the planet the technology cannot be eliminated.  So it still comes down to deciding what to do with the technology.  Blaming the technology is A BULLSHIT COPOUT.

All of the humans are stuck on this planet though.  Is Cameron really just telling us there is NOWHERE TO GO it's just a FANTASY and that is why the humans get kicked out?  There is no way off the planet.  There is no technological magic that is going to pull our fat out of the fire.  We have to PUT OUR BRAINS IN GEAR and figure out what to do HERE.

The culture values people playing status games with expensive technology that they don't understand.  Yeah, look at the economy.  When was the last time you heard an educator say that EVERYONE should know accounting?  Yeah, how do all of the educators explain how accounting in SEVEN HUNDRED YEARS OLD and we have CHEAP COMPUTERS EVERYWHERE but they have never suggested that everyone know something that simple?

Ever consider that entire cultures can be stupid in that stupid lines of thought are encouraged and better lines of thought are discouraged so cultures keep people in the approved cultural rut?  That might be the real purpose of the so called educational system.  One famous economists talked about planned obsolescence 50 YEARS AGO but the vast majority say nothing.  Is that CULTURE AT WORK?

So technology combined with DUMB culture has brought us here and one of them has to go.  But with so many people it can't be the technology that goes.


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