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Reply to "Avatar"

{{{  Bogle, the film historian, said that he was glad Cameron made the film and that it made people think about race.

"Maybe there is something he does want to say and put across" about race, Bogle said. "Maybe if he had a black hero in there, that point would have been even stronger."  }}}


One thing that struck me in the movie was Colonel Whats-his-name saying, "limp dick scientists."

But while he is saying that he is climbing into one of those Waldo-robot-war machines.  That machine is a product of science if I ever saw one.  It cannot be accidental that Cameron had the actor say that while he was climbing into the machine.


I think Avatar is more about the technology and the POWER that it gives people than it is about RACE.  It is just that I think the wielders and the victims of the technological power concentrate more on PEOPLE then Technology.


But do a little thought experiment.  Imagine that the Indians had been technologically advanced when Europeans showed up.  Imagine Christopher Columbus sailing up to the shores of America and standing on the beach are Geronimo and Sitting Bull with AK-47s.  What would the world be like today?


Obviously the Indians would have had a whole different culture if they could make AK-47s and people casually walked around with them.  But history is more about who had the technology and who didn't than it is about White, Black, Red and Yellow.