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Reply to "As a possible 'sister,' Condi Rice disappoints"

What do the Conservatives have in mind that will get 100% compliance? What plan have you laid out? What plan has Condi Rice and the likes drawn out, so that 'WE ALL BENEFIT IN THE LONG RUN'? And what do you mean by WE?

Let me clarify my point. Rather than 100% Compliance, having all Blacks to follow the course I am focusing on putting an equation in people's minds and having them to CHOOSE THEIR COURSE OF ACTION.

IF you want a TRANSFORMATION into THIS FORM (better healthcare, jobs and education)

this is what you will have to commit to.

FIRST is putting for the message that IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve these things by our own collective methods. [B]Let us drop the Civil Rights LINE which says "THE WHITE MAN HAS THIS STANDARD, WE ARE BELOW THE STANDARD, WE ARE BEING SCREWED". This only has us to LOOK OUTWARD, having the government to bring us UP TO this American standard rather than having the Black Community to build the infrastructure that will PRODUCE SUCH A STANDARD, regardless of where you are located (in America, in Kenya, in Haiti).

While we have had INDIVIDUALS who have used their strength of mind and character to achieve a certain end, we need to build COMMUNITY BASED CONSTRUCTS to have more of the masses to work within to achieve more broadbased transformation.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that White Americans used business commerce to achieve development of their collective and wealth creation rather than having issolated individual efforts.

Marcus Garvey used the power of an organization to achieve similar goals but was thwarted by the powers that be at the time.

It seems to me that if you turn the message around from what we hear today - and we being to tell folks who demand change WHAT THEY MUST GIVE UP and WHAT THEY MUST DO in order to achieve this TRANSFORMED STATE that we will get the UNITY OF PURPOSE that is being sought but managed ineffectively.

People must be made to see that their time spent doing XYZ is a THREAT to what they need to be doing to move ahead in the context of the collective. Have people value their own time more and they will achieve the greater self worth and self confidence that is so often talked about but OUTSOURCED to others to insill in them.

We are in need of a VALUE STATEMENT for Black America and not just more Angry Rhetoric targeting our external enemies hoping that we will unify behind this message of RESENTMENT.

RESENTMENT does not serve as the basis of a sustainable movement