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Reply to "As a possible 'sister,' Condi Rice disappoints"

I would vote to repeal it.
Got Damn!!!! It only took 1000 postings but hey, I'll give you credit, YOU FINALLY ANSWERED A QUESTION!!! (Your Dick-in-the-ASS Diatribe, notwithstanding...)

Nobody asked your sorry AVOIDING ASS for a speech RHETORIC MAN! Broken Records being your forte... unfortunately for us, you've shared the same line of unthinking too many times before.

And the tragic thing about it is (tragic for you, that is), is that none of the stuff you said even began to make a rationale for your never even thinly veiled position. Nothing you said told us why you would prefer AA be repealed. You only mentioned the idea of "Dependency" and "School Reform"... but you also feigned as if you were all about making/working a plan To Use The 25 year Window To WANE Us Off AA.

Now your position is, if you had your druthers, is to make us go "cold turkey" off of our supposed AA ADDICTION.

And the contracting thing... Well, that's pretty sad too. You are such a mindless POSER!!
But maybe you can explain what this means:
Failing these initatives working yes I would support AA in government contracting.

I mean, I have no idea of what you're saying. Seems to me you wanted to say you would really only support AA in gov't contracting if there are reforms... but the little English I learned tells me your sentence says you would support AA (only) if your suggested reforms fail. Doesn't make sense because your reforms are still a form of AA. So either way you support AA in gov't contracting, Reform Or Not?

Ummm.... where is your "Dependency" clauses there? Ummm.... "I would rather see as some counties [with] programs in which minority vendors are provided with training on what the county expects" is... ummm.... from a training standpoint DEPENDENCY ON SOMEBODY ELSE.

How is DEPENDENCY (for training) acceptable, even preferred, by you when it comes to contracting... but "Dependency" when it comes to AA in higher education (ah... like the place where some "training" occurs) is a big fat Ballot Initiative NO! NO! (NO! AA) for you?

But, why am I thinking anything a CONservative in this day and age and the Context or rather Frame Of Reference from which you speak would ever make any sense. Having some views that don't quite mesh... I can accept. But for you to have ideas that are BLATANT CONTRADICTIONS of each other, that's just too damn much to even begin to credit you with having a fuckin' clue.

There's a brother from another message board whose position on/against AA I completely respect because what he says in a fashion similar to yours (about focusing on what we can and must do for ourselves) makes logical sense and logically connects with the sum total of his views. But your shit is always so convoluted and contradictory... And you NEVER... EVER substantiate the shit you say or even address the core issue.