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Reply to "As a possible 'sister,' Condi Rice disappoints"

If you can answer the simple question of whether you would vote to repeal or keep AA in an election

Let me get this out of the way as an EXCUSE in your way.

My view of the most recent Supreme Court case involving Affirmative Action is that this program should only be temporary and CORRECTIVE in nature. I was actually glad that O'Conner and Ginsberg put a 25 year vista on the program.

On another message board at the time of the ruling a suggested that the BLACK COMMUNITY use this 25 year reference to peg our efforts at SCHOOL REFORM so that our DEPENDENCY on Affirmative Action would subside.

Specifically to your question if AA were put up to a ballot initiative I would make comments during the pre-election debates that would take place with the same line of reasoning as I am making now. I would tell of the imporants for the Black community to invest in REAL reform and then YES, making such an effort as a condition of us letting go of AA. I would vote to repeal it.

Unfortunately with the "Glass Half Full" messages coming from the so-called "Black Leadership" the demise of AA would be seen as the demise of the Black College student rather than them putting forth messages that are more DIRECTIVE in nature to Black Parents, Black students and the communities that they live within.

With regard to government contracting I can see that governments have a greater need to insure more broadbased participation in contracting. I would prefer to see smaller contracts let so that more firms can bid. I would rather see as some counties in Florida have - vendor certification programs in which minority vendors are provided with training on what the county expects. A fixed number of firms are certified each year and the bids go out to these firms. Failing these initatives working yes I would support AA in government contracting.