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Reply to "As a possible 'sister,' Condi Rice disappoints"

and by the way...the racist right, bob jones "don't date a nigga" university, the klan all support banning affirmative action.....that is just a statement of the fact.....if i were black, I would wonder who is doing something wrong (me or them) with us being politically aligned on a issue that concerns blacks....

Since some like to quote the klan and agree wit their views here is their stance on ths me, the klan can say where they come from honestly....and I respect that....I don't like it...but i respect honesty.....good or bad......

American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan:
In Their Own Words:

"The Klan is strongly opposed to the insane policies that discriminate against White people in favor of unqualified and lazy niggers. We shall abolish affirmative action and minority quota systems. All unqualified blacks will be removed from positions of power and influence in our government. The Klan will launch a massive campaign to liberate our cities from the black gangs that presently terrorize them."
(from the American Knights' Platform)

THE KU KLUX KLAN: A SECRET HISTORY goes beyond the flaming crosses and beneath the robes to reveal the dark heart of this controversial organization. Authors David Chambers (Hooded Americanism) and Wyn Craig Wade (The Fiery Cross) trace the history of the Clan from its birth in 1866 to the present day. Discover how it has adapted to changing realities and responded to "crises" like the Civil Rights Movement and affirmative action.

Today, members of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan have published documents with their mission and their beliefs. They maintain that they do not hate blacks or Jews. Instead, they claim that people should not get jobs because of the color of their skin. If they do not have the white "politically correct" color of skin, they should not be employed into the American work force. Along with this, members of the KKK wish to rid America of affirmative action policies and special programs to those who are not of the white race.

**Now if you want to talk about adopting the ways of the oppressor....this is as clear of an example on the part of the house negros that it can get..these people are the blkCONS political soulmates...and never think that there is anything strange about that fact....and I bet all of you one thing....I bet a blkCON will illicit praise from these types before a black man like me will...that I will put the bank on....and you would too...