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Reply to "As a possible 'sister,' Condi Rice disappoints"

For whatever gains you want to attribute to NCLB, we are still the dumbest industrialized country in the world.

I did not attribute "student's gains" to NCLB. Ultimately it is the PEOPLE WHO COME INTO DIRECT CONTACT WITH THESE CHILDREN that will change them.

NCLB is responsible for the abundance of information on the web for people to compare performance between schools and specific groups with in the schools. It is responsible for not allowing schools to exclude certain groups from taking tests as to avoid lowering the scores of the school (ie: English as a second language students).

The DATA set (and I know how important this is to NMAGINATE) on student performance is substantially better for all those who are interested to make use of to DO THEIR WORK AT THE LOCAL LEVEL.

Despite what you think "I AM NOT CHEERLEADING FOR BUSH OR NCLB" per se. I am seeing an opportunity for BLACK STUDENTS to receive the benefit of SCHOOL REFORM and not allowing what certain PARTISAN LEADERS tell me that I should think have be to be a spoiler against the effort at reform.

For all of the people hating on NCLB we sure don't get much out of them beside the constant refrain "We need more money".

Even though people like Kevin "LAY CLAIM" to the supposed SURPLUS that was had under Clinton as being "look at the great accomplishment that WE achieved." (On par with the concept of "Massa WEEZ SICK") Kevin doesn't take the next step and make mention that all of these supposed BILLIONS of dollars sitting in the Treasury on paper DID NOT GO TO ADDRESS THE EDUCATIONAL FUNDING SHORTFALL THAT HE SO OFTEN TALKS ABOUT.

If you are going to CLAIM this money as your political "war chest" then atleast have it applied to your interests.

(You hear more about Bush's "stealing of money" that should have gone to education using it on a war - even though it is DEFICIT SPENDING but less talk about how SURPLUS MONEY WAS NOT USED TO FUND EDUCATION!!, AS YOU ALL SO OFTEN CHANT. If THIS is not a sign that some of you DON'T WANT TO UPSET YOUR "PERMANENT FRIENDS BY DEMANDING THAT THEY ADDRESS YOUR "PERMANENT INTERESTS" then I don't know a better example.)