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Time will tell and EU law differs from American law I guess. He gets lot of support in Germany, petitions to the government, collecting money for his legal support.


He went and still is AWOL. A direct military violation.

Going AWOL, a violation of the Uniform Code Of Military Justice (UCMJ) cancels out everything else. Announcing this only makes it easier for the Army to find and arrest him.

The Germans cannot help him and private/public support/funding will not matter in this case.

The U.S. Army have jurisdiction and will win this and the Germans will comply. He will be returned to his unit, given solitary confinement (he is now deemed a flight risk) given a military trial on military soil, found guilty and sent directly to prison.

It's just a matter of time and as you said, time will tell but it will tell in the Army's favor.

He is a soldier who went AWOL during wartime and he is not the only one so his circumstance has no special merit. Bad move on his behalf going AWOL, that is. The asylum thing? Just a "trying to be slick" add-on and has no merit.

Compassion does not and will not work here.

This guy has no chance. spank

Can we all say "Fort Levenworth? ek"

He isn't "here".

Unless he is actually on US soil, it is not clear what authority that the US government would even have to attempt an arrest on its own. They can request extradition like everybody else.

Does the US military own the entire world?

How much of the world would you like to claim ownership over?

Besides, what exactly is wrong with compassion? Has compassion now become a value that we oppose out of principle?

Personally, I'm all in favor of compassion. Seems like a good idea whose time has come. Compassion is part of the change that we need.

The law does not differ. He is under full military law and the EU will not stand in the Army's way. Many soldiers have tried to beat the system and they have all lost.

There is nothing wrong with the way the military justice system handles it's soldiers and this case will not change anything or change it's long standing relationship between the military, it's laws and it's host country..

Keep in mind, all issues are specifically with the Iraq War and how it was waged and not the military itself and how it governs it's soldiers.

A military installation anywhere in the world is by law and provisioned by the host country, whether bought or leased land, as U.S. occupied soil.

That's Makes Him "Here".

In this particular case, the military does own the world and this young soldier is just like the millions of soldiers who have went AWOL in the past; running away from their responsibilites and duties assigned to him during wartime while others are fighting, getting severely wounded & dying.

And just like the rest of them, he will be caught, charged and proscuted.

Asylum? It's a joke of a defense.

And the worst part? He was not even in combat. not a combat soldier and probably never fired a weapon at the enemy. He is service support personnel sitting behind a desk located hundreds of miles away from the front lines all the way in the rear with the gear!!

There is no compassion for this sorry azz, punk azz coward of a soldier.

I hope that they finally catch his punk azz (which will be only a matter of time) proscute him and send to The Fort Levenworth Prison in Levenworth, Kansas. tfro

There is no escape for this soldier and all the outcry, support and compassion in the world will not save him.

He should have realized what he was getting himself into before he went to the recruiting station and signed up!

Now he will be soon be off to prison. karate

Don't drop the soap!! karate 20 karate