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Reply to "Are you ready to eat? Healthy eating food items with specific brands, these are ideas not heavily promoted, but ones you should know about!"

For your salads with the boiled egg, remove the yolk. Egg whites are pure protein but the yellow yolk is laden with cholestrol.

Also add spinich to your salad and overall diet. Spinich is extremely healthy and offers little or no taste to salads or anything you put them on so it wll became an added health bebefit without altering taste.

If you have a food processor, make some homemade salsa fresh with onions, tomatoes and jalepano peppers with a little salt and pepper added. Add as much or as little of each item (especially the jalepano if you like it really hot or milder) for your taste.

I usually buy some salsa, use half and continually add the homemade salsa to it.

If you add an avacado to the mix, you have guacemole.

Also trying blending fruits to make jiuce instead of the canned juice which is packed with perservatives.

If you have a juicer use it. You can make fresh juice and use the leftover pulp for other uses.

If you use a blender, try blending at high speed fruits (oranges, apples pineapples etc, separate or mixed together) with plenty water.

I really don't like eating apples, oranges and watermelon but I blend them separately (or together) and drink them. Plus it makes it easier to digest.

It may come out with lots of pulp (depends on water to fruit ratio) with the blender but the benefit is pure fruit juice without all the added industrial chemicals.