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Reply to "Are you ready to eat? Healthy eating food items with specific brands, these are ideas not heavily promoted, but ones you should know about!"

Originally posted by nayo:
Hey 'Charismallover'!

Love your posts and your blog. Sashimi is specially prepared raw fish. It is not as weird as it may sound. I LOOVVVE it! Can be pricey, but just do an online search on sashimi and you will see hundreds to thousands of sites dedicated to all that is wonderful about sashimi. You have to be careful with sushi/sashmi because of the possibility of worms, which is not a good thing. As for meals, I eat depending on how I am feeling, which most times is the mini meals, but when its vegetables, such as aspargus, collard/mustard greens, sugar snap beans, I go for it, ie. eat bunches of the veggies. Or I will eat two whole ears of corn on the cob in addition to a meal of brown rice and asparagus. Just depends. For lunch the other day, I had about 3-4 'nori' rolls, which is the seaweed nori wraps, with a brown rice, cucumber and raw snap peas filling. And....a really small bowl of bean soup.

Excellent, something I meant to say before is that you have such a wonderful way of eating.

AN idea that comes to mind though is,
the sashimi are probably the best fish for
fishing, already got a chance of having
worms prepared to bait other fish. Lol. BUt
again, I love the way you eat.Those foods
sound interesting to try.

Nayo, thank you! Big Grin 16 I'm so glad you
love my posts and blog. You made my day
so much!