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Reply to "Are you ready to eat? Healthy eating food items with specific brands, these are ideas not heavily promoted, but ones you should know about!"

Originally posted by nayo:
Sounds like a wonderful and healthy eating plan. I just began eating more healthy this past February. I've been trying a semi-vegetarian nutrition plan, with the exception of sushi/sashimi, but no meats, no oils of any kind, no eggs, no pork, beef (have'nt eaten beef in years), no chicken, oh and fat free cheese, little to no bread with the exception of whole wheat pita, and corn based taco shells, soy milk and fat free sour cream. Prior to that, I was eating a lot of fish, mostly tilapia, orange roughy, shrimp. but the cholesterol is to high for me, so that is why the switch; though I still will eat the orange roughy which is delicious.

So far I have lost almost 15 lbs (7 weeks), with no exercise. I probably would have lost more with exercise. I walk a lot anyway, so I'm counting that. I've been trying the soy 'meats', like 'seitan', which I do not like at all; and have been trying the Morningstar meatless products which are'nt to bad, especially the breakfast links. I've increased beans, ie pinto's, black beans, butter beans and my favorite, red beans. I have also developed a great liking of shitake mushrooms as they are chewy and make great burgers. Taking my little bean tacos to work has helped as they are very tasty. Also making sure to take my uh, 'Beano' for the carbon situation lol!

Today I cooked a big pot of chard, which was delicious! I could'nt stop eating them. I have also finally been able to trade in my beloved white rice/jasmine, for brown rice. I had been trying to eat the long grain brown rice, but could'nt stand it. Than researched online about the short grain brown rice, and the sweet/short grain brown rice, and love it. I also eat boiled corn. What I have to work on next is increasing my water, decreasing my salt, and limiting my artificial sweeteners, ie. Splenda. I'm going to try alterntives such as agave and stevia sweeteners. I do miss the oil based salad dressings, because I love salads, but without that oil to cling to the lettuce, mushrooms, tomatoes and the like, salads just are not the same; soooo, maybe I will allow for 'real' salad dressing as I have eliminated so much of the other types of foods I was eating.

I've' been (trying) to make my own maki sushi wraps, with the brown rice vinegar, the little sushi mat and the dry seaweed wraps. Not to good at wrapping them just yet; but I have developed a huge craving for eating the dry sushi wraps just as they are, like potato chips. I love them, even though they are a bit pricy, ie. 7 sheets a pack for $4-$8 dollars at 'WholeFoods'.

So, I've been hitting up 'authentic' asian stores where the seaweed wraps run at $2.00 a pack of 10, but you can't eat them as stand alones, to fishy tasting. I'm trying to loose more weight, and with this recent success, hope to see less of me by summer.

Nayo, what is sashimi and do you lift weights?
Do you eat 3 meals or 6 mini meals?