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Are you ready to eat? Healthy eating food items with specific brands, these are ideas not heavily promoted, but ones you should know about!

I love to eat, eat ,eat.
I talk about eating constantly. So my
mother and family have helped me to come
up with some healthy eating ideas.

Salsa is a great topping for noodles.
I just tried it weeks ago.

If you get skinless boneless chicken,
you've already made it healthier. Even on a
healthy eating spree (DIET) you can use bbq
sauce to flavor it up.

IF you want you can also use chicken
teriyaki sauce on your baked chicken.

I eat eat those, plus I eat the turkey
burger with no bread. IT's less in carbs,
salt, fat,sugar. IT's 70% less fat.

Since just a regular salad is boring,
I like to add boiled eggs, bacon, croutons, or
anything else. Too much of added stuff
will ADD in some more calories like Rowe

I either eat a cube steak with salad
or meatloaf with a salad. Those are the best
meats to go with the salad in my opinion.

For a quick fruit snack, get dole
Cherry mixed fruit in light syrup. Always
check to make sure the sugar is light if
this NOT your off day.

Canned foods have alot of sodium so
they are best for off days I think. Think
about the water weight.I said this before
but I take water pills to get rid of the
water so I can see my REAL weight. I'm 112
pounds now, so far away from the 138 I used
to be.

One of the best is steak strips
with green peppers over brown rice.

If you want chips with really low
salt,look out for Michael's unsalted chips.

A quick morning food drop, Two
Kellogg's fruit bars.

ALso, I noticed that Ranch Dressing
has less sodium then ITalian dressing(that
orange dressing)But it is best to go for
a healthier option.You'll see the ingredients
in Rowe's post,which I'm glad Rowe made
because it adds to the effectiveness of
this post and so does Nayo's comments.

It is best to
Avoid aspartame, splenda products,
they have negative side effects.

Baked pork chops and string beans go
together good.

Want healthy bread? Aunt Millie's
Butter Top Wheat BRead has NO cholesterol,
2grams of protein,2 grams of sugar,12 carbs,
1gram of fat,120mg of sodium, which is low
sodium compared to some high levels of sodium
like 600 or 700 mgs.

Okay,for your off days- Smoothered potatoes with bacon and cheddar cheese is something I had yesterday.

Chili on cornbread is great.

Fish and Spaghetti is great.

Chili on tostitos is good.

Pancakes and jelly is good.

Tostadas is great, one of my favorite
like pizza.
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