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Reply to "Are You Afraid To Die?"

Originally posted by art_gurl:
I feel I have so much to do before that happens.

Because I'm an atheist, sometimes it's a little scarey not having a 'safety net'.

Then I wonder WHY am I here? C'mon, let's not waste time, tell me my 'mission'... LOL.

Well, I believe if my good motivations don't outweigh the bad, then maybe I deserve whatever I get. [insert shrug icon].

At the risk of sounding arrogant or corny, I really would like to make a positive difference somehow, somewhere, to someone. I've met people who strike me with awe with their inner beauty, their patience, their 'understanding and connectedness', their goodness. They make me feel humble, but I would still like to make a difference.

I think we are all 'here' for a reason.

I think I'll go 'kicking and screaming'... Wink

Very reasonable expression! Smile

Actually about the "saftey net" thing, one of my cousins is also an atheist, but he believes in reincarnation or subconsciousness (he believes that people either either reincarnate or that after death, people remain in a dream-like subconscious state).

It's kind of unusual for an atheist to believe in afterlife, but oh well. *shrugs*