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Reply to "Are You a Racist?"

Well I may be in disagreement. Racism is structural, systemic, and institutional. Being racist has to do with your place/position within the structure, the extent to which one benefits or is privileged - consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally. Thus, I believe that it is almost impossible for a person of color to be racists. Conversely, it is equally difficult for a white person not to be racists.---kresge

I almost agree with that.

Per Venn, if 'itis almost impossible'...'to be racist', it must therfore be 'possible'.

It it is 'equally difficult'....'not to be racists'.

You rationale seems to collapse on itself.

I see your point of an individual being 'within' a construction. That doesn't preclude that person having the authority of their own decision, but without the power to make it true.

Ex: My classmate didn't want me to play in the playground where he was playing, but he did not have the power to make it true.

Because I would kick his ass.

His preferred situation was racist.

He lacked the power, the 'ism', to make it true.

That is the distinction I am tryiing to make.


Jim Chester