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_...If your incapable of loving yourself are you capable of loving those like you?_


this sentence of your response caught my eye. Doesn't the process of learning how to love others teach one to love themself?
I thought that's what the sentence implied.

And do u mean this on an individual level or a more general socio-political level (as in black people gotta learn how to love blackness - before they can give good love to each other)?
I believe socia-political is a bit idealistic,you won't be able to get a whole race or even a nation to all agree that the sun is yellow,in reality all you can do is you,and keep moving forward with like-minded individuals,and just except that some people just can't and won't be helped.Like the saying goes"The only thing consistant in the universe is change,those who won't adapt fall into oblivion."
help me understand where ya coming from, ok?

I hope I just did If not let me know

May the high praises of YAH be in their mouth and a two edged sword in their hand, To execute vengence on the peoples;to bind their kings with chains,and their nobles in shackles of iron,to carry out the sentence written against them.
This is the glory of the saints (psalms149)