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Reply to "Arab Racism against Black Africans By NAIWU OSAHON"

 Is it  about black folks, per se, or is it  always about power, money, resources and theft with incidental genocide thrown in for evil measure on a criminally insane planet?  I see the selection of victims as incidental.



I see this type of thinking as being paramount to the Black Race being in the position it is in on this planet.  That it is within the scope and mechanism of Tactics being used to put and/or keep Black people, Black countries and Africa oppressed, exploited and vilified, that we believe that what is happening to Black people in America, in Africa and throughout the entire Black Diaspora, as "incidental" and not necessarily racial.  Once we realize and accept the fact that it is Racial, we will have no other choice but to Unite and mobilize against it.  


There is no other race of people on this planet that face the racism that Black people face EVERY Where they go and live outside of Africa.  


There is no other race of people on this planet that face and have to maneuver the maze of racism, stereotypes, hatred, exploitation, and vilification that Black people and the Black race has to.


Africa is still the richest nation in the world as far as resources and land mass goes, yet, Africans and Black people throughout the Black Diaspora are still some of the poorest people.


The resources of Africa has made non-Black nations and individuals rich and powerful for centuries, yet, the entire Black Race still languishes at the mercy and whims of non-Black people and nations throughout the world as well as in Africa.  


So, it is crucial for those that seek to exploit Africa's resources to be able to instill in the world a negative and racist view and a sense of superiority of the Black Race and Africa and Africans so that no one cares what happens to Black people, no one cares what happens to or in Africa and certainly so that no other oppressed [or non-oppressed] group will ever create any solidarity with the Black Race or Africa.  

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