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Reply to "Arab Racism against Black Africans By NAIWU OSAHON"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:
Originally Posted by Yemaya:

Another topic that Africa-Americans tend to ignore based on religious beliefs. It seems like only continental born Africans even pay attention to this issue oh and whites who are using it as a political issue to manipulate.

Not sure exactly what you mean by this.  I do know (as seen on in the past) there is a popular frame that exist where issues involving Africans (dark skinned Africans) where the only acceptable discussion is within that frame.   This can been seen in both article content and thread titles (including this one).  


Now of course next will be the obligatory (rolling  eyes....yeah MC you're a Mooozlum so of course you'd say that) dismissal. 


The classification of Arab as something "foreign" to all things African cannot be historically substantiated as it originated in Africa.  That, in addition to the history of colonization and de-coloialzation,   makes this a subject far beyond what most American Born Pan-Africanist are interested in dealing with.


Interestingly you can (and do find) Africans born on the continent who deal with those issues (and others) at length.   They usually ignored by American Pan Africanist, no matter their persuasion.


Thought it fitting to cite myself seeing now there is still no thread, post or argument countering the above.  Ironically offline there is heavy reconsideration and rejection of the "Arab invaders of Africa" meme, as it cannot be reconciled with history.  That's not an argument that those who self identify as Arab are/where perfect.  Not at all, but we have to be real with what the history is and what it isn't.


This same issue applies to how people define the phrase "Black people in the diaspora".  Who is Black under such definition and how does that affect how we understand new relationships that are people formed inside and outside of Africa.


IMHO the hard truth is that many of us (Black people) who sincerely want to see our people advance and not simply be on the defensive end of oppression have done a poor job of becoming culturally informed on the perspectives of Black (Original) people of the earth. 

The Black(Original) man and woman of China,Japan, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, India etc etc all have perspectives that are common to those we're familiar with (our own history of slavery) but also have VERY IMPORTANT distinctions that cannot be waved away or replaced with assumptions about their history.


Listened more to Farrakhan’s talks to see if I missed something.  He’s a separate but equal  analogue of white hate preachers with  skill in riling people up,  the type of guy who angrily blames the Jews if he has a difficult BM.

If you believe that, you are either extremely un/illinformed or are outright lying about listening to or reading anything from Minister Farrakhan.  The idea that he (and by extension the NOI) are the mirror image of "white hate" is a myth that goes back to the 1950's that plays on Black FEAR of dealing with race for what it is (white supremacy),


Or perhaps you didn't see the article posted about white students feeling 'oppressed' because they have to sit, listen and discuss the reality of white oppressors.