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Reply to "Appreciating Black Beauty"

Originally posted by Black Viking:
Originally posted by Fabulous:

While I am attracted to men; period--black men are oooooh soooo very very attractive, imo (both physically & mentally). . .moreso than any other race of men.

Brothers have it going on...This is why so many women of all races (from what I've seen) flock to them like bees to honey.

This. . .of course. . .is just my opinion. Smile

kiss eyes rock

It's so refreshing to read a Sister who doesn't feel the need to give us a hard time... ALL the time.


Awwwww. . .thank you my brother {{{{Tight Sister hug}}}}}

. . .this sister is not tryna give her brothers a hard time--you are ALL unique in your own way. Those who deserve it--receive it. . .I'm a woman afterall. Smile

However, make no mistake my dear brother--brothers are LOVED. kiss