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Reply to "Appreciating Black Beauty"

Dizzy Daniella.......

I really dont have a problem with any race, defining their women as beautiful. Its their right, to feel this way.

No one is as beautiful as my mom, aunts, sister, etc.....these are all black women that are not only beautiful on the outside........but they are equally as beautiful on the inside. (So to me, black women are the most beautiful!!)

With that being not too sure if you understand, the perception has always been.......blond, hair, blue eyed women.....are the standard of beauty. This didnt happen yesterday!

This belief was pushed down our throats....partly due to racism. Black women were never considered beautiful.

I really think your issue should be with the media, fashion world, and those that continuously remind us that white women are the prettiest.

Youre a beautiful lady, but lets face are not the 'standard' of beauty either.

Do you understand?