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RadioRaheem posted:

update:  The coon is an active Air Force member...this is likely going to hurt his career in the Force...

March 21, 2016, 08:37 pm
Man arrested at Trump rally for punching protester is Air Force member
By Jesse Byrnes

A man who was captured on video punching and kicking a protester at a rally for Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump over the weekend has been revealed as a member of the Air Force.

Staff Sgt. Tony Pettway, 32, who was arrested Saturday on a misdemeanor charge of assault with injury, is assigned to the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tuscon, Ariz., The Associated Press reported Monday evening.

An official said the base was reviewing the incident at the Trump rally and would take appropriate action, expressing support for "Americans' rights to express their views on political issues" and condemning efforts to stop that.

Video from the rally Saturday showed a protester in an American flag shirt being punched and kicked by a man. The AP said the protester was carrying a sign with a Confederate symbol over an image of Trump.

Another protester walking behind the man in the American flag-style shirt wore a hood evoking Ku Klux Klan imagery. Trump referred to that protester at the rally as "a disgusting guy."

Several others were arrested at two Trump rallies over the weekend in Arizona, as well as protesters who shut down a roadway leading to a Trump rally in Phoenix.


If it doesn't hurt his career, then you know something is up, because the smallest infraction, etc., can really hurt your career in the Air Force.