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Reply to "Anniversary present???"

Originally posted by Faith:
Isn't this the same guy that you said is/was a drug dealer? Isn't this the same guy that you said/implied that you weren't seeing that much of anymore?Were you just kidding in a different post when you refered to him as your future fiance? At 20 years of age, is it possible that there is someone better and more compatible out there for you who never dealt drugs? Do you really think that he has changed? Is love blind? frown Or maybe he was healed by faith?

Yes it is the same guy. I did say I wasn't seeing much of him anymore at the time, but I have been lately. No I was not kidding about him being my future fiance-as a matter of fact we talked about it last night. He doesn't want to propose until he can really afford a nice ring for me and can afford the big wedding I want, so it will be a little while before that happens. As far as someone being more compatible for me I don't think so. I know I am young, very young but I love him and couldn't imagine being more compatible with some else.(It may be possible but who knows.) I know you probably think I am just a young child who knows nothing about love, who is infatuated with a man, but I don't think so.Yes love is blind. The fact that he sold drugs did not make him any less of a good boyfriend to me, he has been there for me through alot-(a deep depression, family issues, school issues,etc...)

I should have done a follow up about that post, a update ya know!? Well in the last month or so since I posted that he has moved into another city, he does not hang with the same friends he once did-he doesn't even talk to them anymore. He has changed alot in this short time. He does not sell drugs anymore. He just got a job at a very famous restaraunt down here as a chef. He has done a total 360 from before. I hate the fact of what it came down to for him to change but I am glad that he did! Thanks for asking-I didn't think anyone remembered that post! wink big grin razz

The Lord is on my side;I will not fear:what can man do unto me?
(Psalms 118:6)

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