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Originally posted by Yemaya:
On the real side, why is it that our young men are not driven to get an education like black women? Sisters have stepped up their game educationally, financially etc. Why can't brothers do the same. I know some brothers who have done just that. Respectable black men who have also waited to get married and are in their 30's. But the attitudes are different. Brothers tend to say hey I can have any woman I want. While sisters do wait for the black man.
So the question is, sisters do you continue to lower your standards and wait for black men to catch up? Or do you play by the same rule book as educated black men? HMMMM Something to think about?

Yemaya, you're not gonna like the answer. The reason why black males aren't driven to get an education more, compared to black women, is because the black community seems to reward black males to stay uneducated than educated. Black males are thought of as corny little black boys when we're getting an education, whereas the black females are encouraged to be education, including the females who believe that education isn't for them.

I know I'll get cussed out for this, but I'm saying this...this recent example of why brothers aren't getting educated in droves, compared to black females is the late Derrion Albert.

Derrion Albert was the 16 y/o honor student who was beaten to death by a group of thugs in Chicago. Black boys who carry books instead of guns or knives in our community, unfortunately are considered weak males by belligerent elements in our community. The females don't think they're "man enough" and don't find them desirable, while the thug males (who are considered desirable) are kicking their asses senselessly and taking their lunch money. Derrion Albert wasn't that fortunate.

A large number of black men aren't encouraged to be educated, because many aren't encouraged when they're little boys. When boys see girls falling for "bad boys", those boys are going to emulate that. A female is a male's biggest motivator, and if the majority of the girls seek uneducated men or find those said men desirable, then that's what a boy will do, become what those women find desirable.

To be continued...