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Reply to "Ancient Egypt's Role in European History"


We know "they" haven't changed!
What so amazing is the facade that almost everything "they" say is "objective" and "truth" and our claims all must be based in some ridiculous notion that Egypt is actually in Africa and that [Black] Africans had something to do with that part of Africa.

It's kind of like the idea that if Jesus is to be depicted as anything other than White then his color doesn't matter and "they" would rather he be a 'rainbow' color than for him to be Black or non-White to the extent that it requires the dismantling of all Aryan images of him.

Yes, "to color things" in our likeness is all about myth making and something to eschew but even in the face of truth to persist with the false images of a White Jesus and a Whitewashed history is acceptable and harmless - to their self-image that is...

You know they can accept whatever kind of blasphemy in order to boost their own "self-esteem" but how dare you using whatever truth or possibility in your favor to even speculate or begin to articulate that such knowledge would boost yours. It then becomes an exercise with no other purpose or result but to boost self-esteem and, consequently, based on myth because the result becomes the motive in the first place.

Nevermind the long history of denial and fabrication - i.e. malicious motives - on "their" behath. That's irrelevant. "They're" always right even when "they" are wrong.

Haven't we learned that yet?

There's a world of difference between truth and facts.
Facts can obscure truth.
- Maya Angelou