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Reply to "An Ugly, Ugly, Ugly Deal"

That's a whole lot of speculation, supposition and innuendo in that commentary.  He must belong to a "Liberal" organization.  



It really gets me that people like him who complain that the extension of unemployment benefits is next to nothing .... are always people who are working ... and not depending on that unemployment check for their or their family's survival.


And the ones who say the same about the "working poor tax cuts" ... are never part of the "working poor."  They always seem to have good-paying jobs.  Or no kids to claim those tax cuts on.  


Also ... what the so-called "Liberals" who are sooooo upset that the President caved on the $250,000 limit for higher taxes aren't saying is that .... currently the Bush tax cuts are being imposed on people making $388,000/year ... and that the deal the President wanted was waaayyyyy below that current threshold!!  And that agreeing to the $400,000 income level is NOT actually that big a "cave" from where it already stands now!!


Essentially, the taxes DID go up on the SAME people who have been getting the tax break all this time.  Yes, the President did say - and want - more than he got.  And maybe (or maybe not) he should've "stuck to his guns" and held out for what he said he was going to do (personally, I don't think sacrificing 2 million families' worth of unemployment benefits or giving working people back more tax money into their pockets would have been worth just being able to pat himself on the back, score political points, or to try to satisfy people who will never be satisfied regardless and always want more!!).


But .... the President is and always has been way to willing to "compromise" with Republicans.    It's a flaw he came into the White House with .... and it's still baffling to me why people continue to be "shocked and amazed" every time he does it.  He is how he is.  And it doesn't make sense to me that so many people refuse to learn to accept that.  


But ... while I agree that this "deal" - as with ALL political "deals" - could always have been better ... I don't see it as the "ugly, ugly, ugly" deal that this guy tries to purport it to be!!  


Any deal that raises taxes on the rich AND doesn't touch Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid ... has to have some kind of good in it!

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