Reply to "An Example Of "A La Carte" Goverment Envisioned by The Tea Party"

Quote by Kevin-1222: "Then Cholly and Yemeya agreed with him claiming that type of "pay up front" for government services such as police, ambulance, or firefighters is what the Tea Party is really up to."

If you pay attention to the Tea Party over the  period of the last 2 years since the election and what's been revealved, the Tea party's vision of  a "no governmet, hands free freedom" society with miminal or no federal government regulations or standards would allow this and other asasine rules to be set in stone as policy and this type of thing would happen on a regular basis all over America.

The Tea Party despte all their talking heads and MSM safeguarding, cannot separate themselves from all that they have said and done in those two years....they have consistantly revealed themselves and they cannot take any of it back but now they want you to practice selective memory and "forget" about all that they have said and done in the recent past, no different than they wanting all Americans to forget about President George W. Bush.....the name they dare not mention at all or fear (at least in public) be seen with.........the primary stockholder, homeowner, CEO & Chairman of the Board of this current massive recession fyck up.

And the Tea Party, for all their rhetoric about getting government (and by "government", meaning President Obama) out of their lives at the state and locall level means that the local government and it's officials would become IMO, a series of individual outlaw entities; western saloon, gun-slinger lawless type town/community where it's every man, woman and family for himself with little or no outside interventions (isolated communities) to control & navigate their own laws a la carte and in reality, many citizens would be purposely, excluded, unaccounted for, violated and racially suppressed in everyday life......The Tea Party talks all the time about returning to the "good ole days" and those good old days they are referring to are the Jim Crow Era of the early years: the 40's 50's and 60's.....A return to, once again, "Whites Only" environment with all the benefits, perks and privledges.....with little or no regard or conccern for minorities of any kind unless it benefits them domestically or financially......and they do not hide that fact.

You also have to realize that many of the older leaders of this Tea Party (late middle aged and seniors citizens) alive today were raised, groomed, brought up and taught by their racist parents/grandparents during the extreme racist past decades and the "Whites Only" federally approved and American stamped Jim Crow Era; the late 1950's and  throughout the 60's before, during and after Civil Rights era and many of these people and politicans (at all levels of government) who make the rules today lived through all the racial changes but still believe in that past and carry much hate and disdain in their hearts and minds because prior to these changes, they lived a  lilly White privledged life as White children that was good as they (Whites) could create (boung heavily in the Christain religion) and were in complete control with all the rules benefitting them and them only.

They miss those days of total White supremacy & superiority and they want it back.

Kevin 1222, do you realized what just happened here?

This man's house burned to the ground because he forgot to pay a $75.00 up front additional and the fire department just watched it burn. Firemen, as highly trained professionals (or at least I thought) had a professional and moral obligation and duty to it's citizen's protection, safety and taking care of it's citizens and perform their duties regardless if that man paid up front or not and the fact that he had his checkbook out to pay the firemen on
the spot any amount to put the fire out and they still refused because of that jacked up local law and if they did accept his money and put out the fire, then they (the Fire Chief & firemen) would be reprimanded and/or possibly be fired for doing the right thing?

Just imagine the conservation if they had put that fire out:

"You (Firehouse #XXX) without any authorization or approvals, put out that fire. You knew that you were not supposed to since that homeowner did not pay his additional taxes and you did it anyway. You violated established local law requirements and you Fire Chief XYZ, along with your firemen and firehouse, will be fined or subjected to adverse administrtive actions because you violated the city rules" ... and if another event such as this presents itself again....and it will.... DO NOT PUT OUT THE FIRE!..... LET IT BURN!! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS!!

Does that make any sense to you?

Just imagine, being fired or fined for doing what you, as a city protector, are trained for and supposed to protect the people and it's community .......and I go back to this point, your home broken into, being robbed and your family being terrorized, violated or possibly killed while the police sat in their squad cars outside your home watching all this violent activity going on while eating Krispy Kreme doughnuts and drinking 7-Eleven coffee....and why?...because you didn't pay the additional fee.

You see, the omission of federal laws across the board and allowing each and every state and local community to create without question, their own established local laws without any inspection or oversight: blanketing/shadowing federal law to oversee and control those laws create situations just like this....every man an woman for himself with no regard for what's right, compassion or empathy.....and this reality, as crazy as it sounds and you don't want to believe or admit to, is just a portion of what the Tea Party advocates in regards to a hands off, free of goverment regulations society.