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Reply to "America's 'Other' Immigrants"

"Ironically, while U.S. born Blacks trash his or her Citizenship rights,  immigrants and illegal aliens from around the world take all types of life threatening chances for one opportunity to set foot on U.S. soil, or to one day become a naturalized U.S. citizen."
Not only do I believe it is a fact.
 1.  A dysfunctional Black electorate continuously vote for individuals who don't respect the Constitution, the "oath of office", or the rule of law, who step up to the plate for illegal aliens before serving the first law abiding U.S. born descendant of slavery, all while the Black community remains silent.  Responsible voting  citizens hold elected officials financed by his or her tax dollars accountable to the Oath of Office, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law.  Unfortunately, there are far more dysfunctional voters than responsible voting citizens in most any voting block composed of Black voters.   The political process, and voting process in the Black community amounts to a popularity contest between misfits, blatantly inept, carpet-baggers, unethical, and sleazy individuals.


60 Minutes, Sunday, March 24, 2013, “Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks”.


The woman, Wanetta Gibson, who made the false claim of rape against Brian Banks is black.


As his day in court approached, Brian says that his lawyer feared that he wouldn’t get a fair trial, based on his age, size & race. So she, an African-American herself, convinced Brian to plead no contest to a crime he insisted he didn’t commit.”


-Attorney Elizabeth Harris should be barred from practicing law in California or in any other State that she may hold a license to practice law.

2.  No good Black attorneys siding with the perpetrators or advising his or her innocent client to plead no contest, because the only expertise that these inept attorneys have is "playing the race card".   Individuals who have actually filed claims in pro persona, have more sense and competency in protecting his or her own Constitutional rights, and best interests than many spineless, sellout, and dysfunctional "race card" playing Black lawyers licensed by the State to practice law

RE: YouTube: "Black People Were Never Citizens Of Amerikkka" - Dr. Umar Johnson

Selected comment:


"The Constitution was written by SLAVEHOLDERS.  Africans weren't on their minds when it was written.  All my days on this planet, I have never been referred to as an American.  I hear MINORITY (lesser than) all the time, and behind closed doors, I imagine it gets worse than that.  When the African goes wrong, it's not the AFRICAN who handles the situation, It's the CAUCASIAN.  Had we all been born in Japan or China, would we be calling ourselves African-Japanese or African-Chinese?  If we did, how dumb would we be and how dumb would we appear??  Just asking!! by Norland

3.  There are members on this board, African who believe and even state that U.S. born Black men and women do not have any rights in the U.S., using nonsense such as the Dread Scott decision of 1865, and/or following the lead of dysfunctional university professors who believe same in the year 2013 to support his or her argument.
"City Reaches $4.2 Million Settlement With 2 Women Caught In Dorner Manhunt"-CBS News
4.  Illegal immigrants from around the world who just got off the boat and his or her lawyers have more sense, have more backbone, are more likely to hold agents and officials of government such as rogue police officers, inept elected officials, and/or other public servants who violate his or her rights.
5.  Typically Black lawyers are too busy selling out, or bending over backwards to represent or free Caucasian criminals such as formerly employed by the Cochran Law Firm attorney Shawn Holley who represented no good trailer trash Lindsay Lohan, until Shawn Holley was no longer useful and fired by Lindsay Lohan.
6.  I don't need West American/Western/Hollywood/Racists propaganda machine ideology to validate my statements, because I have actually been a plaintiff and a defendant, who has been betrayed by no good Black lawyers who had all the facts but who instead state "forget about the Constitution....Keep it Simple", a black court clerk who signed a court judgment at my expense, have been betrayed by no good dysfunctional Black elected officials, and also know of other individuals from within the Black community who have been misrepresented and betrayed by this garbage as well.


CNN I-Report:  "Media misinformation brought back Boston racist memories" by omekongo


Selected comment: 


"I agree expat but I didn't listen to his video (don't like videos) I just read his text then the comments.  What I agree on most is what he told "I agree expat but I didn't listen to his video (don't like videos) I just read his text then the comments.  What I agree on most is what he told Jareen.  Unless you are black, you can't understand what his race has gone through all their lives and the continuing abuse and feelings of the ancestors and going forward.  I have a black granddaughter, I just wish this would all stop but I know it won't, Kiana is turning 4ys old in June.  I worry for her future happiness, she is the most loving little girl in the world.  The only other black person she knows is her father.  When will the world accept the fact that all of us are human beings, no one is any better than any other?"  -KCRep  




I'm a U.S. born descendant of Slavery.  Granted law abiding U.S. born blacks have been egregiously violated by Caucasians and other individuals, but to place all blame for the demise on Caucasians is as far from being a reality as truth and reality can get!


CNN I-Report:  "Indeed Project 21, the CBC Should be Disbanded, Furthermore there are Black University Professors Who are Just as Disgraceful!" by TheTruth53


Selected Quote:  "The Congressional Black Caucus is either ignorant of the harm it is doing to its own constituency and the country, or it sees itself as part of that elite that will suffer no consequences — profiting off of ruinous policies that it help place on its constituency." by Richard Dimery, Project21

Originally Posted by sunnubian:


If you only see African Americans in the stereotypes created by the American/Western/Hollywood/Racists propaganda machine, you would believe something like that.


However, the majority of African Americans work, pay taxes and are law-abiding citizens, just like everyone else.  But, it is only African Americans that are always viewed throughstereotypical lenses of American/Western/Racists' propaganda that only shows American citizens that may "trash" their citizenship if they happen to be Black, while negating to show that EACH AND EVERY deviant behaviors Black people/African Americans engage in in America, is the SAME deviant behavior engaged in America by people of each and every race of people in America. ........e, gullible, and that break the law/"trash" their American citizenship; however, it is ONLY Black people/African Americans that it is constantly pointed out in.


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