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Reply to "America's 'Other' Immigrants"

"Ironically, while U.S. born Blacks trash his or her Citizenship rights,  immigrants and illegal aliens from around the world take all types of life threatening chances for one opportunity to set foot on U.S. soil, or to one day become a naturalized U.S. citizen."




If you only see African Americans in the stereotypes created by the American/Western/Hollywood/Racists propaganda machine, you would believe something like that.


However, the majority of African Americans work, pay taxes and are law-abiding citizens, just like everyone else.  But, it is only African Americans that are always viewed throughstereotypical lenses of American/Western/Racists' propaganda that only shows American citizens that may "trash" their citizenship if they happen to be Black, while negating to show that EACH AND EVERY deviant behaviors Black people/African Americans engage in in America, is the SAME deviant behavior engaged in America by people of each and every race of people in America


Another thing that is done in America ONLY where Black people/African Americans are concerned, is to present juvenile, young immature behaviors of some African American youth as a indicative of the entire Black/African American race in America. 


So, Black youth fads become the behavior or "culture", etc. of ALL African American/Black people, in the minds of those who don't know any African Americans, those of other races, and even in the minds of other Black people if they are detached from their own people to the point that they too have only the images and propaganda produced by the Western/American/Racist propaganda machine as their measuring stick, orthey too, have succome to the Western/American propaganda machine  psychological tactics against Black people themselves. 


Truth is, that there are no more African Americans "trashing" their citizenship than there are White Americans, Latino Americans, or any other race or ethinic group of Americans, it's just that it is nearly ONLY African Americans that are under constant surveillance in the first place, therefore, can be made to appear to be the only ones, or the majority of people that . . . whatever fill-in-the-blank the Western/American/Racist/[and Political] Machine choses for it to appear to be.


Finally, immigrants to the United States do the same things that natural born Americans do, the good, the bad and the ugly.  Immigrants to this country are no more Sainted than natural born Americans and certainly no more than African Americans.  Because regardless of how or what all they went through to get here [most just showed up without ever going to anything in particular], they come here and get involved in crime, break the law, sell and use drugs, act as drug mules, commit fraud, swindle Americans, commit violence and murder against each other and other Americans, are involved in the the pimping, slave, human trafficking trade, break American laws, rules and regulations, some even try to bomb Americans.  In other words, immigrant or natural born citizen, Black, White, Latino, Asian, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, rich or poor, all people do the same things, all groups of people, just like African Americans, have their percentages that are deviant, cold-blooded, ignorant, young and immature, gullible, and that break the law/"trash" their American citizenship; however, it is ONLY Black people/African Americans that it is constantly pointed out in.