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Reply to "America's 'Other' Immigrants"

"Immigrants to the U.S. Need Lessons In Racial Justice"


What and Why should they??   Definitely not at taxpayers expense.


Illegal Aliens who violate the law and/or the rights of law abiding U.S. citizens, the law abiding citizens in this instance being U.S. born and Black, the illegal alien perpetrators should be fined and deported, with additional penalties for anyone who harbors these individuals, or should any of these illegal alien criminals return to the U.S. , they should be fined again and deported.   Jailing them would mean that the taxpayers would have to foot the bill for any time served in jail.


sunnubian  are you a U.S. born descendant of slavery, or are you one of many black immigrants (Haitian, Somali, Kenyan, Nigerian, Ethiopian, West Indian, etc.) who came to the U.S., who may or may not be a naturalized U.S. citizen?


It amazes me that even one U.S. born black man or woman would be defending or siding with any illegal alien faction against any U.S. born descendant of slavery maimed or killed by any felonious and criminal illegal alien, for whatever reason.


Pete O'Neal being a U.S. citizen by birthright and who also a U.S. born descendant of slavery, definitely has more right to set foot on U.S. soil, than any illegal/undocumented immigrant seeking Amnesty or the passage of the "Dream Act" for the benefit of illegal alien anchor babies and extended illegal alien family members.


"Pete O’Neal’s family said he was exiled to Africa for 43 years because he did not want to go to prison for a crime he did not commit."


...and no one, including anyone who have serve time for a past criminal act that he or she clearly are guilty of,  should serve a day in jail, or pay so much as a dollar in fines, if evidence exists to prove the he or she are not guilty as charged for any other criminal act.


1.  A Pardon is used to excuse someone who truly committed the act.


2.  The best recourse for anyone who knows he or she is innocent is to demand to be acquitted, seek redress and compensation for any hardship endured for being falsely charged, indicted, fined, and/or jailed.


3.  This is why the Congressional Black Caucus, including Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver, numerous no good Black lawyers, the NAACP, and/or other individuals are as worthless as worthless can get.


4.  Geronimo Pratt maintained his innocence, and the attorneys who represented him, one being Attorney Johnny Cochran, who was involved near the end, enabled Geronimo Pratt to be cleared of any wrong, and GP was compensated for the years served in prison for criminal act or murder that he did not commit.


No good Julius Butler, a prominent member of First AME Church, where the "fake no good and deceitful Black middleclass" congregate, to where no good thieving Reverend John Hunter stole from the FAME church Congregation, here in Los Angeles, was the informant who lied under oath, that resulted in an unearned prison sentence for Geronimo Pratt.   For serving Caucasians so well to betray multiple members of the Black Panther Party, as a payoff for lying under oath no good Julius Butler was hired by the LA County Sheriff's Department and given a license to practice law......It is certain that this idiot (Julius Butler) was promoted to a higher level of influence and authority to further violate the rights of innocent Black men and women, and/or to enable other perpetrators who unlawfully violate the rights of law abiding U.S. born descendants of slavery, to escape with impunity. 

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