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Reply to "America's 'Other' Immigrants"


YouTube:  "President Obama's Re-election Means Nothing for Black Community"  uploaded by EleganceSpeaks, Nov 14, 2012


YouTube: "Black People are too Ignorant" Uploaded by ForTheRepubl1c on Oct 7, 2011.


Why The Black Caucus Looks The Other Way On Immigration” by Joe Guzzardi on May 9, 2003. 

Illegal aliens should be removed from U.S. soil, no matter what country he or she left to come here.  Misinformed, dysfunctional U.S. born Black men and women have also enabled and harbored illegal aliens from Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, Somalia, Belize, Kenya, Jamaica, Trinidad, Nigeria, etc., etc., to enter the U.S.    The Black community, especially the "inner-city" of Compton, Detroit, Baltimore, Harlem, Oakland, New Orleans, etc., in communities formerly or presently predominated by U.S. born descendants of slavery are one of the weakest links for the entrance of illegal aliens from around the world into the U.S.
Illegal aliens from around the world are not taking over any U.S. born and legal immigrant Caucasian, Hispanic, Korean, Filipino, Chinese, Ethiopian etc., etc.,  affluent, middleclass or working class community.
Originally Posted by EbonyRose:

Like I've said before .... IF it were Black people (Caribbean/African) - instead of Hispanics - that had been pouring over the boarder 20+ years ago in the same number that Hispanics have been .... they would have shut that border down so fast people's heads would still be spinning around on their necks to this day!!! 


There's no way in hell Whitefolks would have allowed even MORE of us to engulf this country (i.e., more people with dark/black skin).  But they (ignorantly/arrogantly/wrongly)THOUGHT they could (and were) "controlling" the Hispanic flow ... and it's now gotten out of hand and waaaaayyyy beyond their control!!


They totally miscalculated (i.e., were too stupid and didn't give one second's thought!!) to the 'automatic citizenship' issue of babies born here.  And so now they've allowed themselves to be 'over-populated' right out of control their own country!! 


But .... still and yet ... they continue to do everything they can to continue to unfairly harass and persecute Black populations .... when we should be the least of their worries!!  But ... It guess it's true that you can't *fix* stupid!!    And Clearly .... their ignorance has NOT been abated ... and they have yet to realize that they have MUCH BIGGER fish to fry than us.


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