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Reply to "Alabama Cop Kept His Job After Proposal To Murder Black Man And Hide Evidence"

Originally Posted by NSpirit:
I can't type what I'd like to say in response to this. I can only think these type things would occur less often if the fear level was where it needs to be. It's a lie that they fear us. They do any damn thing they want to us...and walk away unscathed with money in a gofundme account.


No, this is what happens when cowards are given something and someone to hide behind; the appearance that these grimy cowards have no fear is only an illusion, created by Racist State-Sanctioned Lynching Culture which all but guarantees their impunity; without which, these racist murders[Lynchings] would not be taking place.  


All you have to do is look at who they are killing and how they are doing it to know that they are only cowards that are "going-for-bad" only because they have something to hide behind.  


First, they are only murdering Black people that they know are unthreatening and/or unarmed;


Second, they are ambushing Black people and/or shooting Black people from behind;


Third, it is always more than one of them against one Black person or the Black people are greatly outnumbered;


Fourth, many of these murders are of Black children and teenagers [Black children].



Men who are unafraid, or who possess any bravery don't have to ambush, attack from behind, or beat and murder women and children.