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Reply to "Afrocentric versus Eurocentric"

Kresge--"Subsciously"? Do you mean subconsciously?



Dusty Elbow:

We "can" very well talk about Americas slavery and there is alot to talk about:

Connecticut Military Law, 1784--forbade blacks from serving in military

First Naturalization Law, 1790--congress declared US a white nation

Federal Militia Law, 1792--only whites could enlists in peacetime militia

Fugitive Slave Law, 1793--protected slaveholders rights, discouraged blacks

from running away

Virginia Migration Law, 1793--forbade free blacks from entering that state

Maryland Agricultural Laws, 1800--forbade blacks from raising/selling

Agricultural products

Ohio Anti-Mobility Law, 1804--restricted blacks movement

Ohio Registration Law, 1804--blacks had to register annual and post a bond

Maryland Li censure Law, 1807--forbade blacks from selling tobacco/corn

without a license

Maryland Residence Law, 1807--entering free blacks could not get housing for 2 weeks

Louisiana Migration Law, 1806--forbade immigration of free black males over 15 y.o.

Congressional Mail Law, 1809--blacks could not carry US mail

Maryland Voting Law, 1810--only whites could vote*

Delaware Migration Law, 1811--forbade migration of blacks, $10 per week fine, levied

Kentucky Conspiracy Law, 1811--conspiracy amongst blacks made a capital offense

Virginia Poll Tax, 1813--exacted a $1.50 tax on blacks who were forbidden to vote

Louisiana Migration Law, 1814--forbid free slaves from entering the state

Virginia Poll Tax, 1815--required blacks to pay $2.50 tax so whites could vote

Louisiana Jury Law, 1816--no black slave could testify against a white person

Connecticut Voting Law, 1818--disenfranchised black voters

Missouri Literacy Law, 1819--forbade assembling/teaching black slaves to read/write

South Carolina Migration Law, 1820--free blacks forbade from entering this state

District of Columbia Registration Law, 1821--required blacks to register annually and post bond

North Carolina Migration Law, 1826--forbade entry of free blacks, violators penalized $500

Florida Voting Law, 1827--only whites could vote

Maryland Occupation Acts, 1827--blacks banned from driving/owning hacks, carts or drays

Georgia Literacy Law, 1829--fine/imprisonment for teaching a black person to read

Illinois Marriage Law, 1829--forbade interracial marriage

Louisiana Expulsion Law, 1830--required all free blacks to leave the state w/I 30 days

Mississippi Employment Law, 1830--forbade blacks employment in printing and entertainment

Kentucky Property Tax Law, 1830--taxed black, but forbade them from attending school

North Carolina License Law, 1831--all black traders/peddlers had to be licensed

South Carolina enacted Licensing Prohibition, 1831--free blacks forbade business license

Mississippi Preaching Law, 1831--blacks could only preach with permission

Alabama/Virginia Literacy Laws, 1832--fined/flogged whites for teaching black to read/write

Georgia Employment Law, 1833--prohibited blacks from working in reading or writing jobs

Georgia Literacy Law, 1833--provided fines/whippings for teach blacks to read/write

Kentucky Licensing Prohibition, 1833--forbade blacks from obtaining business license

Missouri Registration Law, 183500--registration and bonding of all free blacks required

Georgia Employment Law, 1835--prohibited employing blacks in drug stores

District of Columbia Business License Law, 1836--banned blacks from obtaining licensing from profit-making activities

South Carolina Curfew Law, 1837--blacks had to be off streets by a certain hour

Virginia School of Law, 1838--forbade blacks who had gone North to school to return south

North Carolina Marriage Law, 1838--all interracial marriages declared null and void

South Carolina Observing Law, 1841--forbade blacks and whites from looking out the same window

Maryland Information Law, 1842--felonied blacks demanding or receiving abolition newspapers

Maryland Occupation Acts, 1844--excluded blacks from the carpentry trade

South Carolina Amusement Law 1844--forbade blacks from playing games w/whites

Georgia Contracting Law, 1845--prohibited contracts w/black mechanics

Kentucky Incitement Law, 1846--provided imprisonment for inciting slaves to rebel

Missouri Literacy Law, 1847--banned blacks from reading/writing

Virginia Incitement Law, 1848--provided death penalty for inciting blacks to rebel

Fugitive Slave Law Enacted, 1850--stronger enforcement of previous provisions

Georgia Tax Law, 1852--imposed annually $5 per capita on all free blacks

Virginia Drug Law, 1856--forbade selling poisonous drugs to blacks

Virginia Poll Law, 1883--levied tax on all free black males 21-55

Dred Scott Decision, 1857--Supreme Court dehumanized/disenfranchised blacks

Maryland Recreation Law, 1858--forbade free slaves and slaves from boating on the Potomac

Southern Black Codes, 1868--deprived blacks from the right to vote and hold public office

Civil Rights Law of 1875 Weakened--Supreme Court challenged the constitutionality of this law

The Grandfather Clause, 1898"‚ÄĚdeprived blacks of the right to vote in Louisiana

The New World civilization--"Western Civilization" means ['white'] civilization.

We can talk about our knee jerk reactions:

1. Underaged Pregnancy
2. High Drug Malevolence
3. Decline in Original Black Family Values
4. Joblessness
5. Black on Black Crime and Lawlessness
6. Upper Middle Class Apathy
7. Vulgarities in Rap, Gangsta Music
8. Absence of True Spiritual Values
9. Lack of Generic Respect

"Black Labor, White Wealth" by Dr. Claud Anderson

By the time the Greeks, the Romans, and the European Christians awoke to claim greatness, the Ancient Egyptian Africans had 'already' performed, invented, executed, fulfilled, carryed out, produced, and created 'all' the greatest feats in the world for mankind:

Postal Service
Schools of government
Paper and ink
Writing systems
The calendar

and every possible concept that has made modern civilization be what it is today.... -- p.140, "The Africans Who Wrote the Bible" by Dr. Alex Darkwah.

Nope! There is no debate. The facts speak for themselves...!