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Reply to "Africans Found Butchered Organs Removed In Egypt"

sunnubian posted:
DennisKalita posted:

Organ harvesting from orphan prisoners and slaves is big global business. When the US and other nations ignore the line on genocide, that clears the way for more hell on the criminal planet.


And that's why Black people globally, should be keeping vigil over Black children and Black youth EVERYWHERE when it comes to all the Black people being murdered by police right here in America, and when it comes to all of this "adoptions" of Black children from poor nations like Haiti or in Africa, along with the ENORMOUS amount of "HUMAN TRAFFICKING" of African children and African women.  

It's the same game; only the names were changed to protect the GUILTY.

Africa is still Colonized; the Black Race is still Colonized and Enslaved;

Now,they just manufacture the circumstances that create the various 'pools' of Africans/Black people to enslave, colonize and exploit for profit and call it all by different names while using DECEPTION and relying on entire government agencies and the refusal of THE ENTIRE BLACK RACE to relinquish its insignificant and artificial divisions, to pull it off.  


Yeah, it goes on in Asia and South America too. The meek are getting fucked. Christ said that the meek will inherit the Earth.  We need another angle.

From the Heru Chronicles

There is no moral nation on Earth.  Not one.

We all have spiritual stakes. We should militarily strike against genocide. That is about the lowest common denominator possible. The US and all nations have sat back in Rwanda and Sudan and elsewhere. This opens up the gates of hell. There’s no moral authority anymore due to inaction against genocide.  

Behold the violent state of the fallen world. We need spiritual upliftment! That goes with living with mutual respect and care for our fellow human beings. Never ignoring genocide!

Humans are in a fallen state.  The evidence is in: we cannot rely upon any nation to firmly stand against genocide and back it with action. There’s a bigger issue.  

God threw Satan from Heaven because he refused to bow down to Humankind, the Crown of God’s Creation. When we do not respect one another, that is Satan refusing God’s command to bow to one another, to extend simple respect.  Our life constantly places us in a position to succumb to fear or give in to respect. It’s not a smiley thing. It begins with our own kind. It’s life or death for the species.  These are the stakes.

IMHO, of course!

....and this evil is the price that 99% of humanity must pay for the 1% who hoard the wealth. 

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